How long it takes to earn money from blogging?

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There is no definite answer that every single person would agree with. It may be as early as a week, or generally somewhere within a year, or maybe longer, all depending on a variety of factors. The good news is that most of these factors are under your control, giving you the ability to make progress faster.

One big part of building a traffic source is the quality of the traffic itself, as in how well does your audience match up with what you’re showing them. But, the other side is the website you draw them to, and how awesome that is. You’re going to reach profitable months with your site sooner if it has content that is high-quality, engaging, valuable, and SEO optimized. Just think of each of these factors as extra horsepower you want on your side.

I make money from blogging but it did not happen overnight. It took time, effort, and above all, focus. To help you earn money with a blog sooner, I have a few tips for you.

#1 Pick a good niche, something popular and lucrative that you also have a personal interest in is ideal. There is a possibility that you might not have an interest in a niche that is really lucrative on a technical level. So, picking the right kind of market to tap requires some due diligence, especially when you want to make money and not just run a hobby. So, while picking a niche, you should do proper research on the target audience, competing blogs for that audience, and the earning potential you can expect from the market size and their general contexts for spending money on/after visiting a blog.

#2 Post as often as possible on as many platforms as possible that are potentially relevant to your business, as long as you maintain the right standard of quality in doing so. The more often you do it, the sooner you can start making money and get in the black.

#3 Have a clear game-plan to monetize the site. You can monetize blogs through advertising, sales of products/services, affiliate marketing, and many other avenues. Pick something that makes sense and work on it until it’s profitable.

Above all your content must be worth people’s attention. You will have to do some research and some trial and error, but it’s not as long as most people think. With that said, let’s get more specific:

Like I said, the time it takes to make money with a website depends. That being said, the following two-step approach can help you in the long-run:

1) For the next three months, focus on the quality of your content and building your audience. Don’t worry much about monetization, at least till you have a sufficient number of daily visitors. You just want to be established well in multiple places and have some basic monetization set up to trickle in a little money and pay off the losses at first.

2) Somewhere after three months, in parallel with the audience building of step 1, you should decide on a broader, multi-stage revenue model of your blog and then start building out that system for yourself and structuring your blog’s content accordingly. Have it all finished and ready to go by month 4. By the time you have a good setup of avenues for someone to pay you, you’ll have a decently good audience of people, some of whom will listen every time you ask them to buy something, forevermore, as long as you don’t annoy them into unsubbing from you.

As early as a month, you will be able to see results, if you’re consistently working on relevant, interesting content and engaging with others. It’s not the quantity of the posts or comments, it is more about building an audience as quickly as possible, but still authentically.

Another thing that helped me a lot, and is a good addition to this plan, is One Minute Traffic Machines. Check out my website to see a review on that.

All in all, if you take this stuff seriously and act on some of it regularly, every day, I’d say it would be highly unusual for you to not be making $100 a month, within six months of starting. And that’s extremely pessimistic and generous to factor in how little the average blog does to try and sell people things, or how little people usually commit to this stuff, going for weeks without doing anything to make progress. If you’re a cut about the rest, you’ll get better results than that, much faster. The key is to have patience and make consistent efforts in the right direction.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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