How many blogs are required per month for a website to have 1000 visitors per day?

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There isn’t a universal answer, unfortunately, because it depends vastly on the niche. I care about weight loss and old books, but a blog in the weight loss niche is going to attract more visitors than a blog about Latin American literature from the 1950s. It’s about how many people care about the topic.

It varies even more when you factor in how much promotion you do. I’ve seen blogs explode and take off in weeks, though, with a good, targeted strategy.

Steve Jobs once said “One home run is much better than two doubles“. In other words, lead with quality, not quantity. That may answer the first part of your question. But if you really want something concrete about earning at least a thousand visitors, continue reading till the end. You may find out ways to get even more.

Now, let’s quickly cover three effective ways to get visitors for a new blogging website:

1) Building an Online Presence With Social Media

Leave your mark online and inform people about your blog through social media posts. You may make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to achieve this goal. For example, you may share an interesting excerpt from your blog on a social media post to drive people to your website. Each profile is also a secondary hub for your audience to gather and interact.

2) Paid Advertisements

Depending upon your budget, you can display paid online advertisements for your blogging website, to speed up your blog’s growth.

3) An Impressive Website

Your website needs to leave a positive impression on its visitors by providing easy navigation, responsiveness, valuable content, eye-catchy taglines, etc. For that, you may need to observe successful blogging websites operating in the same niche.

More than anything the quality of your content will matter. I hope the previous line gives you the answer to the second part of your question. There is no limit to the maximum. You may write as much as possible, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice quality. 

I’m sure you’ll notice everyone replying to your question talks about the quality of the content. In a nutshell, quality for blogging content means the use of proper language, engaging content, use of visuals, length of articles, writing styles, etc. Above all, it’s about picking a good niche and providing exactly what followers of that niche want. Giving value, as it’s often said. If you have all of these factors handled in one tight package, you’ll grow a reader base.

To finish up, here’s a quick piece of advice for you. Your competitors will likely all be doing the same thing, so look out for alternative ways to get visitors as well. In my case, the One Minute Free Traffic method proved to be very helpful. It is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. You may check my own blog post on that  REVIEW: One Minute Free Traffic.

Please feel free to reply if you need more information on any of what I’ve described.

Good Luck!



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