How to attract more traffic to online shop easily?

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Hi. Traffic to an online shop increases the chances of more conversions and sales. Selecting the best strategies that work to get more traffic is a complicated task, since numerous strategies claim to do it well, but each is more complicated than it initially sounds.

Rest easy! I have been into online sales for a long time through affiliate marketing and other pursuits that depend on traffic. Here are a few tips for you:

I won’t get into too much depth as I would recommend you search for more info and training on each of these tips. There are many specific tips for these that will only apply to certain businesses, but the following work in most situations.

1)  Create blog posts discussing the products of your online shop. You’ll have to get a little creative with it, since pure selling is tough to pull off. Use-cases for your products make for good blog post topics.

 2) Perform SEO regularly. Base your content on valuable search terms for the traffic you want to attract, and find ways to optimize your position among those results pages.. There are many free and paid tools to do that, but in the long run your best bet is to seriously study SEO from a master or hire someone from a trustworthy background. In the same way that owning a kitchen knife doesn’t make you a chef, knowing how to use a keyword tool doesn’t mean you’ll get the full benefits of SEO.

3) Make use of social media websites to promote your online shop with the help of posts and engagement. Further, if your budget allows, you can also opt for paid advertisements.

4) You can run giveaways to drive more traffic to your website. Please be informed that the usual ways of running giveaways won’t get you results, so you have to adopt smarter tactics. Don’t forget that it’s an event, so you need to have some experience and a game plan for promoting it.

5) You can run sales campaigns specific to a region, type of customers, or special occasion such as holidays and festivals.

6) Optimize your website for mobile devices as today most traffic comes through mobile.

7) You can make use of your relationships to get referral traffic from other websites. As an example, you can write guest posts on other websites to get more traffic. If it goes well, you can check in and do another with the same website sometime.

8) Develop an edge over your competitor’s shops by closely observing their tactics to get traffic to their stores, using sites like ahrefs. No need to exactly copy those strategies, but you can definitely try similar strategies for your online shop. Sometimes it’s not about doing what your competitor does, but doing the one thing they haven’t thought to do that brings in even better results.

9) You can implement Pay Per Click advertising with the help of Google Adwords. I am a certified Adwords specialist if you have questions about that.

10) Keeping and upgrading a happy customer will get you plenty of return traffic and referrals from them to new potential customers. Incentivizing direct referrals from existing customers can help you get more visitors, especially if you operate some kind of club, subscription, or group interest site alongside the shop portion. Be sure to serve your existing visitors in the best way you can with ease of access, attractive design, useful products, etc. Referrals won’t work if no one would confidently tell their friends or family to check out your site.

With the above strategies, I’ve gotten good results for all kinds of online stores. If you want something really quick and simple that works, I would recommend One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).

In conclusion, implementing the right strategies early on in the right manner can get you more sales for your online shop. It’ll take some experimentation, though, to find what really works the best in your specific case.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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