How to attract traffic to an online shop?

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For an online shop, more traffic means more opportunities to get new customers. At the same time, it is of importance that your old customers/visitors also visit regularly to your website. Warm traffic begets more warm traffic. Here are five proven ways in which you can attract more traffic to your online shop.

  1. Referral Traffic:

Recommendation from a friend or family member influences a buyer’s decision.  Consider creating a referral program, where current buyers can get a discount, free gift, etc. as a reward for referring people they know to your store. In addition to that, getting referral traffic from other websites can also get you more visitors, such as through guest posts on relevant blogs.

  1. Creating a Sales Campaign:

Creating a sales campaign before/during special occasions such as New Year, Christmas, or any other relevant time is a viable way to get more traffic. Offering special discounts, coupons, freebies, etc. during a campaign always works. You can promote the sales campaign through social media sites, paid advertisements, etc. You can also host competitions and giveaways during these relevant times as people always love being rewarded. You don’t even really need to line up a campaign with a specific occasion, either, but it can help.

3.    Email Marketing:

Sending promotional emails, offers, and newsletters through email has been always very effective. Although a conventional way of marketing, it continues to work very well. You can get a considerable amount of traffic to your online store, if the email content engages your customers well. Don’t forget to follow proper techniques for email list building and email marketing. I can help you in that, if you want.

4.            Search Engine Optimization:

Since customers will have to stay inside their homes more due to the present conditions, they’re ordering many more things online that they used to get from local stores. By making use of SEO techniques, you can get your online shop listed in search results, so that when the customers find you through those results, they visit your website. I would strongly focus on anything that builds an online presence, but SEO specifically for people who are already in the game and have some familiarity with web marketing.

5.    Optimizing Your Website for Mobile:

If your site doesn’t look and perform great on mobile phones, you’re missing out on an ocean of traffic. Reports say that more than 60% of active users make use of mobile phones for surfing the internet over desktop computers. I am not sure if your online store’s website works well on mobile phones. I have seen many online shops ignoring that. In your case, optimize that if you are yet to do it, and look into responsive website design. I would appreciate it if you would share the link of your website, so that I may suggest you on specific points that I know regarding usage optimization.

Depending on the type of products you sell, I can help you with more ways of getting web traffic. In the above suggestions, I have not discussed much the role of social media in getting web traffic, assuming that you must be already doing that. Social media posts always help to get web traffic if you use it well There’s a lot that can be said, but I’ll assume you’re already working on that.

Before concluding, I would like to tell you that I am an affiliate marketer and website traffic means a lot in affiliate marketing. To get web traffic to my websites, I make use of the One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) method. OMFT covers a specific way of getting traffic that links in well with other strategies and the infrastructure you’re currently using.

I hope that by applying the ways suggested above, you would get more traffic to your online shop. For better results, OMFT will be the best choice, but you can apply any of these that you aren’t yet to improve your numbers.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need more information on any of the points discussed above.

Good Luck!



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