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Hi! The fact is, everything takes time. By fast, I suppose you don’t mean instant results. The only people who build a big email list in a week are people who already had a big network of successful businesses already.

That being said, you can certainly do better than most people, who spend years building a nothing list of less than 100 people who have no familiarity or engagement. You can build a list of pretty good size and monetize it over the course of a few months, even as a beginner. If that’s your expectation, then I can help you get there.

List building usually comes with initial hurdles, and those take time to overcome. Due to those hurdles, many people opt out of list building and instead prefer to purchase the list. Never do that. All you’d be doing is paying for your own failure.

Seeing the long term benefits, one should build an email list from scratch. It takes work, yes, but it is so worth it. I suggest three proven ways of building an email list fast.

1) Lead Magnets: Lead magnets help to attract people who don’t know about your business and convert them to leads. It is a free offer that a business gives to its website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Examples include ebooks, case studies, giveaways, discounts, special access to tutorials, other freebies, etc.

2) Popup forms: Popup forms draw immediate attention on a website. They may seem annoying to a few visitors, but they have high conversion rates, and like most thing on a site’s design, can be done well or poorly. They are accepted as normal in all niches these days. You can use a popup form to urge visitors to sign up for a newsletter, contests, etc. Ensure not to have many popup forms on your website, as in that case, the website visitors may feel irritated and you’ll get less return traffic.

3) Social Media: When it concerns digital marketing, social media sites help a lot, be that for leads, website traffic, sales, or anything else. The advertisements on social media platforms are effective. Call to action buttons such as on a Facebook page is a proven technique for email list building. Since most people spend their time on social media sites, they are a rich source of even cold leads. It’s a huge topic, worth studying and spending time on. I would suggest you look for creative ways of using social media websites for building an email list.

There are many other ways, but they may be time-consuming, and in your case, you need fast results. I would also like to mention List Warrior, which is the method I have been using for a while. It’s a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. You will find the info for methods like OMTM, OMFT, etc. on my website.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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