How to build an email list of people interested in my writing?

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If you write well, you can get a lot of readers. Good writing is a gift that gets better over time. Those readers can be helpful for business if you have a list of their email addresses. In this way, communicating with them in the future becomes easy. Here are five ways to collect leads for your email list.

1) Sign-up Sheet

In that, you can create a sign-up form on the website where you feature your writing and ask readers to enter their details, including email addresses and/or names. If people come to your website and like it, a portion of them will  enter their information to get more.

2)  Feedback Form

You can have a feedback form on the web page where you would ask readers to share their reading experience. If you do this, have a checkbox where people can consent to receive updates from you, and then only add people who checked that box. This way, you stay within GDPR practices and general ethics.

3) Ad Campaigns

You may run advertisements on various platforms that may engage readers and help to get leads. Just make sure you’re advertising something people would want to give their email for, such as an event you’re holding that people would want to sign up to, or to get a special gift, such as a free book of yours (works well for any writer, fiction or nonfiction). More on this in tactic #5.

4) Subscription-Based Websites

Some websites are designed to only show a certain number of articles, stories, etc. to a visitor, per week, per month, or whatever. Then, people have to pay to subscribe to the site and get full access. You can try an altered version of this tactic by quartering off some portion of your website to only those who have subscribed to your emails.

5) Freebies and Discounts

You may provide the reader with free ebooks, guides, etc. in exchange for the email address. You may also distribute discount coupons for the same.

There are many innovative ways to get email addresses of ideal readers. All it really takes is a consistent, effective strategy and an email service such as MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. Without email, I had a lot of trouble getting consistent work. Then came List Warrior. It is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. For beginners to list building, it is one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdle of building an email list. If you are curious about what worked best for me, read my post: REVIEW: List Warrior.

In Conclusion: Stay consistent and build semi-fast over the long term. Paying in certain areas, if done intelligently, can work well.

You can definitely dump money into paid traffic and other areas if you want to build a big list in only a few weeks. But, if at all possible, I would look for opportunities to invest only a little money and get maximum results out of it over time. It leads to good long-term list growth, a natural connection to your audience (because you aren’t suddenly stuck with thousands of subscribers and no idea what to say to them), and a stronger platform as a writer. Find something that works, that you’re comfortable with, and steadily keep at it and look for ways to optimize it.

Good Luck!



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