How to build an email list using the least amount of money (or none)?

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Well, I have tried and tested many ways. Finally, I picked up  List Warrior. On a lighter note, I am a marketing miser. Either I want something to work for free or the least I could spend to get the best out of that. Surprisingly, the results are in my favor. How?

For your question, I would straightaway discuss my most effective method.

List Warrior is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. For beginners to list building, like me, List Warrior was one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdle of building an email list. It teaches something simple, but powerful, reliable, and still lesser-known, to build a list. If you take the tips and information inside List Warrior seriously, you’ll have a one-and-done tactic to go from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in a matter of months.

It also provides additional features like email autoresponder tutorials, funnel review service, and above all, case studies for a better understanding of how to succeed.

Since it’s still pretty new to me, I’m praising it as much as I can. I would suggest you read my honest review on it: REVIEW: List Warrior.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on List Warrior.

Good Luck!



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