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In the present era, digital marketing is at its peak. Email lists are essential to any business. Being into digital marketing for a long time, I have a few smart suggestions to help you get an email list built up.

I have come across many ways of building an email list. Since I am not aware of your niche, here are the five strategies you can adopt, which I believe can work for you in almost any situation:

#1 Create a landing page: On a landing page, you can create a signup form. Then you can create advertisements that would take people to this page. To get more people to proceed with signing up, offer something for free as a gift. You can also make the website visitors signup for an event like a webinar. Think of that in the same way, your gift is just information instead of a concrete product.

#2 Create an exit-intent popup: This kind of popup appears when a user intends to exit a website. You can use attractive headlines here to make someone come back and visit your landing page after all. These work great because a lot of the traffic to websites is first-time visitors who have no intention of coming back. The more of those you convert into leads at the last minute, the better.

#3 Create a static sign-up form: This is a direct approach, but it’s worth using. For instance, if you have a blog, then the visitor can sign up via email if they want to get updates. You usually put this in a sidebar.

#4 Offer freebies: A bit of this has already been covered in #1. Here’s more to it. People always look for freebies. Offering some sort of valuable product for free like an ebook, pdf, etc. (ideally your own creation) in exchange for an email address is an effective and natural way to build a list. After all, if they want the free thing, they need to give you a place to send it, and after they’ve expressed interest, why wouldn’t you email them with more stuff similar to the freebie? This is the most common tactic I see across countless industries online.

#5 Create surveys on the website: The quiz or survey asks questions around a problem or issues the target audience is likely to have, and by analyzing the survey results, you can draft the solution to the problem that leads them into checking out more of your content, buying your products, or whatever you want. Just require the person to submit their email so you can deliver their results to them that way, and you’re done.

By implementing the above strategies, you can build up a reliable email list. If you are looking for a specific method for list building and are willing to spend some money (with a very high chance for a positive ROI), then my suggestion would be the List Warrior method. In my case, it helped me grow my email list by four times over what I was doing previously.

Please feel free to leave me a reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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