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Hi. The wording is a bit unusual, but I assume you’re just asking how to build a fairly large list. Well, there are many ways in which you can collect email addresses in bulk. You must ensure the ways are legit and the subscribers double-opted in, but that’s not much of a limitation.

Email is a reliable marketing tool, but also slow to start. To reap the full benefits, one must implement proper strategies to build up a reasonably large list quickly. Let’s explore how to do that.

Here are ten strategies to collect email addresses:

#1 You can make use of social media websites to create engaging and attractive posts such that the target audience willingly subscribes by email for more. Obviously, they need to be giving their email in order to get something that they can’t just get on social media, so let the social content tease and preview something more exclusive offered to subscribers only.

#2 You can offer valuable products or freebies in the form of ebooks, pdfs, special access to web content, etc. in exchange for an email. It works. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and do something time-intensive. Just come up with one good PDF report or eBook and you’re good to go.

#3 By having high-quality and valuable content on your website, you can directly ask the site visitors for their email addresses so that they may stay updated with a periodic newsletter, events, etc. related to your website. This works best with content-driven sites such as frequently updated blogs.

#4 By hosting webinars. You can ask the participants to provide their email addresses to get a “seat” in the audience. This is kind of hard to do, but it’s awesome for converting a current list into higher-level customers. If you want to look at how to take cold traffic, random strangers, and get them registering for a webinar and buying high-ticket products, check out DotCom Secrets.

#5 Be straightforward by directly asking for email addresses. You can do that with the help of a signup form on the website that openly states they need to give their email. You can make this not awkward while still being upfront. For instance, for eBook lead magnets, I always see people say “Tell me where to send your free book/report/etc.” That makes it clear the email address is for something, it’s not just so you can market to them.

#6 Don’t want to give something for free? You can offer an attractive deal on a paid product as your lead magnet, such as a discount, special offer, free shipping, free with shipping, etc. This works really well with physical products. For instance, a physical book that people just pay the shipping for. In the process, you get both their email (to confirm the purchase and send a digital version while they wait for the shipment) and their credit card, which is a massive barrier overcome immediately. Once someone buys something from you online, they have a high chance of doing it again.

Just don’t do one of those annoying things where someone pays for the book and is then subscribed to a monthly billing service they have to explicitly ask to have canceled. I hate when people do that.

#7 You can make use of your existing relationships. Do you have a connection to anyone who owns a website in your niche, or has a good email list? You can’t just copy these people over, because that’s against TOS, but you can have someone with a list of people relevant to your business promote your content in some way, with a link to check out your email landing page, or something on your site that leads to it.

#8 You can encourage your existing subscribers, followers, etc. to recommend your content to others. In return, you can offer them some kind of incentive/reward. I recommend doing this in the subscription process. Add a field to the submission form where someone can put in the email of who referred them. This can be abused at higher numbers and will need to be made more technical, but for starting out, it’s fine.

#9 You can run contests, competitions, giveaways, etc. to get more email addresses. Get your current subscribers involved. Basically make events where people who do things to get you more subscribers are rewarded in some way. It’s very sustainable, because there are only a handful of winners each time, or just one each time.

#10 By advertising on various platforms, you can collect email leads. I would make sure you experiment with other things first and that if you try this one, you are prepared to spend some real money. Email lead generation with ads is going to take a while before it becomes cost-effective unless you are very experienced in online business.

In addition to the above strategies, if you are looking for a specialized method that can guide you to build an email list quickly, then I would suggest the List Warrior (LW) method.

In conclusion, with consistent effort in the right direction, you can collect bulk email addresses and build a reliable list.  You still have to market it, of course, or else the people will forget who you are, but it’s important to consistently work at building it up as you market to your existing subscribers. Oh, and never ever buy a list.

The best way is to have a website, offer valuable content on it, and offer something very special and exclusive that you can only get by subscribing. The more people (traffic) you get to visit your site, the more your list grows. There are many ways in which you can get a good number of visitors to a site so that a list builds up fast. They’ll take work, but it’s not very complicated. List building is ultimately just a small offshoot of online traffic. Master the latter, and you’ll master the former.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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