How to convince a customer for sales?

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Hi! Convincing a customer in sales is an art that comes with experience. That experience includes interacting with different kinds of customers with varied attitudes.

Through exposure to different situations, one comes to know how their audience thinks. You can also call it an understanding of the psychology of the customer. Per my experience in cold calling and sales, here are five tips with which you can use to convince customers to buy from you.

1) Build communication skills: Communication skills help to get more sales. With guidance from experts and various online and offline resources, most of all practice, you can turn into a sharper and more confident speaker. It includes not just words themselves, but facial expressions, hand gestures, voice pitch adjustments, etc. In this way, you can form a better connection with customers. Come out as calm and confident. Try not to be authoritative. 

Another big part of communication is respecting context. There is no one script that you can run through mentally, to deal with any customer. Someone who is at a store counter ready to buy is different from someone returning with a question or complaint, and that’s different from someone who just came into the store after calling first to ask a question. You should keep the situation in mind when you speak, as it shows you are in the moment, not just pulling some sales routine on the customer from memory.

2) Showcase the USP of your product/service: There’s always a Unique Selling Point (USP) associated with a product/service, so identify one and clearly present it to the customers. You can differentiate your product and competitor’s product in a better way, and transition into discussing the benefits of a product with that USP. Just don’t move too fast. It’s best to uncover the customer’s needs first and then associate them with whatever product has the most-fitting USP.

3) Inclusion of social proof: An important aspect of customer psychology is that our buying decisions are heavily influenced by other people. For that, social proofing helps with selling anything. For example, mentioning a celebrity or even just lots of other customers who use the product raises the customer’s confidence that the product is worthwhile. It’s not that you have to always look for famous people to include as social proof or even stories of mass appeal. The stories of ordinary people also work. In short, testimonials, reviews, you name it.

4) Using emotions: Influencing a customer with emotions is another key to make sales. Be honest and genuine with emotions. Understand and value why your customer might consider buying what you’re selling, and also what’s holding them back from doing so. Try to fit in yourself into the shoes of your customer and then present how your product would solve their chief problems. Gracefully talk about these things. This helps in forming a better emotional connection, and ultimately sales.

5) Handle the common objections of customers to buying from you: Per my experience, discussion with experts, and feedback from salespeople, I have found that there are five common objections that customers usually have whenever a salesperson approaches them for selling a product or service, universal to all niches and business types. Since discussing all those objections and their solutions here will make this answer lengthy, I would recommend you read my article:  5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them). 

If I knew more about the products you deal in, I could give more specific tips. I am sure the above tips will help you as they are common to every situation and product. By implementing the above tips, you can convince more customers to buy more of whatever you happen to sell.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback after you get more sales!

Good Luck!



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