How to create a digital product to sell?

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A few months back, I was looking for an answer to the same question. I received multiple suggestions, but ultimately what worked for me was a suggestion from a field expert. That guy has been successful in creating and selling more than ten digital products in a short time, most of which I have personally bought as of writing this, and used to improve my income (he makes making-money-online digital information products). In short, I have a few tips for you in this regard. Let’s quickly discuss those.

Here are five steps to create a digital product:

Step 1: Decide the audience you are going to target for your product. Find an online hotbed where your target audience hangs out, such as a Facebook group, and create surveys to find problems that your digital product would solve. Or you can just hang out in these places and gradually get a feel for their pain points and desires.

Step 2Pick a particular problem that your product would solve. This will be your niche. Be picky. A bigger niche usually has a lot of products to compete with, whereas a smaller, tighter niche has more chance for success, provided it has sufficient buyers. For instance, in the health market, weight training is too big and generic of a niche, but building muscle on a vegan diet for women with chronic pain is much more specific and will target more interested customers who feel that you and only you have the solution for them.

Step 3Start collecting content for your product, and organize it into the right format. It can be an ebook, online course, etc. Picking the right product type is crucial and requires multiple considerations. For example, anything related to self help and self improvement can work as an ebook, online course, or guide depending on the nature of the problem. So what do I pick? Well, whoever I’m targeting, whatever my niche is, I look at what sort of products are the biggest money-makers there, and make something in the same medium.

Step 4: Share your product with beta testers to get honest feedback. Depending on that feedback, you can make changes and then finally decide to launch the product.

Step 5: Before your product is completely ready, start promoting on various platforms. There are many apps, websites, etc. where you can promote and sell your product. I strongly recommend having your own website and selling from there, with your promotion all pointing back to it.

Of course, I can’t rule out that you know all of this information already. If you are really serious about creating a digital product side-hustle or business and are looking for a specialized method for creating a digital product that practically sells itself, then I would recommend PPC. PPC stands for the Perfect Product Creation. It is the same method that that industry expert suggested to me. My first digital product with PPC is going to be ready soon. The initial response so far has been very good. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for more tips.

To sum up, creating a digital product is easy and fun, provided you have a clear plan of attack. Seeing the competition among digital products, if you are planning to create them for the sake of business, I would strongly recommend PPC to reduce the chance of your first product being a dud, which happens to the vast majority of people.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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