How to deal with a fussy customer?

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When dealing with customers, even if you break it down to just the difficult ones, it’s hard to give overly specific advice, because you will come across countless different types of unhappy people. Still, there are some general guidelines that should help. Let’s discuss the tips on dealing with a fussy customer.

After customers who are unhappy with a past purchase, one of the most common customer situations is disagreement over the pricing of the product. Although this is only one example, it speaks to a broader concept: do not cave too easily. I believe that one should not offer a discount to a fussy customer, as it rarely stops them from being difficult. If such a customer feels that you are willing to drop the price, then he/she may try to make you drop the price even more. You’ve also shown that you cave to pressure, which usually makes them continue to behave poorly, just to see what they get out of it.

The most ideal approach for any kind of frustrating customer is foreseeing their objections and bringing them up first, so that these things can’t be brought up to you later. You can do that by:

1) Highlighting the value of the product.

2) Highlighting the edge of the product over its competitors.

3) Eliminating the risk of buying your product from the mind of your customer.

4) Disqualifying customers who are not a good fit for the product. This is key. If somebody seems like this product isn’t right for them for some reason, help to explain why that is. I can’t count the number of times customers have complained to people, accusing the store of selling them on something they ultimately did not or could not use after all.

In addition to the above points, I would suggest you have patience, work upon communication skills, learn to predict customer behavior, read topics on customer psychology, etc. As per my experience in sales, I have found that there are five universal objections that usually all types of customers have. In my post: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them), I have discussed those objections and their solutions.

In conclusion, a fussy customer requires patient handling and pre-sale qualifying. Being into sales, one should not lose their temper or retaliate. Consider each day as a new lesson to learn about customers and sales. Even the bad ones are helping you get more experience and get better at dealing with people.

Please feel free to reply to me if you seek more info or have questions.

Good Luck!



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