How to do email outreach for building links and driving more traffic?

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You will have to build your email list for that. If you already have that list, then great, you only have to write good emails, seeing which of your subscribers visit the link to your website. If people visited that link, and they’re buying or doing whatever you want on there, then it is the traffic that you want. Let’s systematically understand all these things.

It seems from your question that what you want in the end is traffic on the website, and it must be organic. Right? Now I will go ahead, breaking it up a little bit so that you can understand better.

So the first thing is to build an email list. It takes time, but it’s much cheaper in the long run than borrowing other people’s lists. Many people find it easy, and for others, list building is a challenge, but still doable.  To consider it easy is not wrong, but taking it easy can make your efforts go in vain. Email list building helps you to get more and more subscribers for your emails. The more subscribers you have, the better your reach. Email marketing alone can help in achieving more than 35% of a business’s key performance goals.

Anyways, I am not aware of what you are trying so far for list building; maybe you are studying that elsewhere. So, I will not get more into that, here. But I make use of List Warrior in my case. If you wish to improve your list building techniques (as it is like a foundation for the further processes to get organic traffic), then I will recommend you to follow List Warrior, that teaches the best ways to build a list right now. 

Coming straight to the point, out of many strategies to drive traffic to a website, an email outreach campaign is one of the cheapest  and most effective. For that, you need to work upon the following points:

1) Selecting the Right Email Templates:

As it will not be possible for you to type every mail manually, so you will have to use email templates, sometimes called “swipes” if they’re literally copied from other emails, with only a few factors changed. Initially, the response to your emails might not be meeting your expectations, by not wasting much of your time, you should select email templates that fit the best, as per your requirements. Make sure the recipient of the mail gets a feeling that you are writing to him personally, and the mail is not spam. Your writing skills or I would say that content marketing skills can help you a lot.

2) Identifying the Links to Add in the Email: 

Yet another important point is to find opportunities regarding when, where, and which link you should add to an email. I believe it’s an art, and the success of the email campaign relies on thorough, but smart, use of links.

3) Offer Something Special for Your Subscribers: 

Well, even if you do everything right, like a perfect message, the best links, an appealing template, still most of the subscribers just have one basic question: ‘What’s in it for me?’ For that, you can offer incentives, discounts, and promotional coupons that encourage the recipient to visit that link. You can create urgency through these offers by giving them a deadline for their use. Offering more of something, a discount, etc. if any of the existing subscribers invite or refer a new visitor to your website is also very effective at turning a medium-sized audience into a large one.

Using any or all of the above points can provide temporary traffic. To make that permanent in the long run, the quality of your content on the website also matters. No one will stick on an email list of a brand that doesn’t impress them and bring value to their life. By building links, you might be able to get visitors for the first time, to make them regular, but the content, as well as the website in general, should be appealing to the users and interesting to them. Well, there is a lot more that can be discussed on that.

Alternatively, to get traffic to your website, you can also make use of One Minute Free Traffic, One Minute Traffic Machines, etc. I use them, and my experience has been very good so far. To know more about those or at any point discussed in the answer, please feel free to reply to me.

In the end, many people try to skip over organic traffic and link building because they’re not interested in working toward a long-term goal. I don’t recommend that, and so I appreciate your wish to get organic traffic and suggest whatever ways you pick, if you do them right, you can get the desired results.

Good Luck!



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