How to drive sales and more customers in 2020?

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It’s worth noting, every year will post its own challenges to increase sales and reach more customers, but this time the year 2020 has been more of a threat to our current standard of living and success, instead of just being a challenge. The reasons for that must be clear to you. To convert any threat or challenge into an opportunity, though, is the specialty of business. This hasn’t been an easy year for most, but let us explore how one can drive sales and reach more customers in 2020.

Instead of speaking about current events, let’s get to the point. Let’s first look for how you can reach the maximum number of customers. Here are three ways:

1) Advertisements: Like every year, advertisements will remain an effective medium to reach customers. It’s just that you have to bring more innovative concepts into the market. That is possible by sensing the mood of the people in the pandemic situation. Try to cherish them with your advertisement, be that on social media or any other platform. A thankful, giving, heartfelt tone is working really well right now.

2) Making use of Search Engine Optimization: Since customers will have to stay more inside their homes due to the present conditions, they’re ordering many more things online that they used to get from local stores. By making use of SEO techniques, you can get your product listed in search results, so that when the customers find you through those results, they visit your website. I would strongly focus on anything that builds an online presence, but SEO specifically for people who are already in the game and have some familiarity with web marketing.

3) Reforming Marketing Strategies: This always works. Usually, every business revises its marketing strategies every year, taking lessons from the previous year’s performance, but in 2020, these strategies need serious as well as a special consideration. It is advisable not to cut short your marketing budget, but divide it into various new strategies.

There can be many more ways to reach the customer, depending on the product. I would be pleased to guide you more on that if you give me more details. Now, let us have a look at three strategies to increase sales in 2020:

1) Identify Customer Needs:  That might sound like a common strategy, but this year it needs more attention. Let us understand that with the help of an example. Suppose you are into selling mobile phones. In 2019, you must have sold many units, describing the features of a particular model. Even if a customer was reluctant to get a new phone, you might have made a sale. In the year 2020, when the economy is draining, people are losing jobs, at that time making a sale is a big challenge as the customer feels much more pressure on whether they’re spending their money on essentials.  In that situation, you have to identify the needs of the customer more clearly, giving it an emotional touch.

2) Special Strategies for Tackling Competition: Most businesses have not gotten as many sales this year, except for a few essential products. To make it worse, competition still exist and this time more aggressively. To increase sales requires special attention to pricing and advertising judged comparatively against other businesses.

3) Improve Customer Relations and Retain Existing Customers: I have a feeling that once the current issues we’re facing are over, many people will not be going back to the things they quit, unsubscribed from, etc. even after their economic situation has improved and they can afford it without guilt. I know that I have changed a lot in what I feel good about spending money on. In that situation, it would be important to retain old customers, because there’s no guarantee they will come back, if you weren’t worth sticking with even during these harder times. Improve existing customer relations by getting more active and passionate with your branding, forming a real connection with people and getting them engaged with your business beyond just the product. This is why social media marketing is useful.

There are still many other ideas that can help increase sales. I would be able to better discuss them after getting more info about your range of products.

In addition to the above points, handling or interacting with customers in this situation will also be a challenge in increasing sales. There are five universal objections or doubts that customers will have you to offer when you approach them for sales. Those objections whether you approach customers directly or indirectly, or by phone, email, etc.

As far as my experience with cold calling and door to door sales, those objections or doubts of customers usually remain unsolved, not just in 2020 but every year, when it comes to most businesses.

 I have listed those common objections with their solutions in my post: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them). That post would suggest new ideas for increasing sales. Thinking that it might increase the length of this answer too much to say more, I would recommend you read that over there.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback once you complete reading that post. Please feel free to reply to me in case you need more information on any of the points discussed in this answer. I would appreciate it if you would share more details for specific suggestions.

Good Luck!



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