How to drive traffic from particular countries to a website?

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Hi. Normally I don’t focus on driving traffic from any particular country, but I understand there are cases where it’d be useful.  I have a few tips to share with you, so let’s quickly discuss those.

Here are five steps for driving country-specific traffic to any website:

1) Clearly identify your target audience: 

It’s fine to know which country to focus for traffic, but that’s still too large, so you need to know about the specific market. For instance, if your website is for fitness enthusiasts in a certain country, consider where such people tend to hang out online. There are probably a lot of small communities, such as Facebook groups, where people of that similar location and interest can interact and meet one another. The concept of “where does my ideal customer/visitor hang out” doesn’t change, whether you are targeting globally or country-specific traffic.

2) Perform country specific SEO research:

After you have identified the target audience, then next follows the SEO research particular to that country. Local SEO is very interesting, and I am getting deep into it right now. With a little research, you can get your website listed in search engine results pages for searches that likely came from people in that country.

3) Setting up your website according to the country:

How likely is your website itself to appear relevant to members of your target country? This is where it helps to have country-specific domain names. A few may opt to have a multilingual website. That can help, but the general user-friendliness, SEO consideration, and content quality come first. Then you can plan to have country-specific backlinks, listings on local business directories, etc. If your budget allows, you can hire international SEO consultants. Or you can learn SEO yourself, which takes time but is a truly powerful skill for any marketer.

4) The right content and social media platforms:

By looking at the market, and going by the statistics, you can decide which media to use for promotions. The taste of people varies by country and demographic. You can choose to promote your website through videos, blogs, images, memes, events, online courses, etc. Further, while using social media, you have to be careful about timing. If you reside in a different time zone, then you must post and engage during a time when your target audience is likely to be awake and not at work.

5) Use country-specific keywords in your web content:

This is self-explanatory, but it helps to broaden your thinking about it. If you are targeting people in a  specific local area, all of a sudden you have a wealth of potential keyword terms to try and rank for in your content. Just think of how many named places exist within a single country. Cities, counties, districts, neighborhoods. Every country also has its own history, culture, and ideas that can be related to something you are making content about. Some of these are going to be more relevant than others, and the key is to experiment.

By doing more research for the above tips, you can devise smarter strategies to drive traffic to your website from specific countries. Per my experience, I would like to suggest One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). The link is in my profile. You can also check the Knowledge Base section on my website to see the answers to many similar questions and get tons of actionable tips.

In conclusion, one should decide to get traffic from a particular country by doing thorough research on both the target audience of people within that country and the possible SEO gold hidden in different subsections of that country.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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