How to earn money by writing poems?

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It’s a pleasure for me to answer a poet’s question. I hope my answer can help easy any doubts. Please feel free to leave an excerpt of your poetry, if you have one, in the reply once you’re done reading the answer.

Okay, let’s get to the point. You can earn money by poetry if you get readers or listeners to your poems. A straightforward approach to achieve this goal of yours can be: create a poetry book that costs money, and then write similar poems regularly on a blog and draw traffic to it, so people lean about you, like your style, and decide to buy the book for more. Just one example.

Let’s split down the situation in two halves:

1) Getting Popular:

In today’s scenario, it would be better if you opt for online ways to get popular. You can make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. to show off your literary work. You may also have a website or even start writing blogs. If you will keep on regularly presenting the best of your work then you will get popular soon. Some of the offline ways can be getting your poems published in books, newspapers, magazines, participation in programs at various levels, but even these are likely to work better if you use online means to apply and submit proposals, on top of conventional mailing and other contact methods.

2) Earning Money:

After you complete the first part, money can be earned through advertisements on YouTube, your website, etc. You may get paid writing projects due to the popularity of your platform and how many ads are shown.

With no intention of discouraging you, getting famous in a world full of quality poets is not a cakewalk.

Don’t feel low. Sit back and relax! I have many poet friends, and the vast majority never even try to make money with their work. With competition like that, you have a shot. Here follows an honest suggestion for you.

1) You can start with your blogThis page might help. 

2) Get web traffic to your blog. You may earn a good income from the visitors to your blog. These online visitors are known as web traffic. Even if we work upon all the aspects, getting web traffic has always been a bottleneck.

Truly speaking, I earn a handsome amount of money through these set of techniques called One Minute Traffic Machines. OMTM a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. It can be of great help to you as you may come up with the desired results much faster.

Above all, it’s your hard work and dedication that will help you in pursuing what you desire.

Good Luck!


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