How to earn money from non-targeted traffic ?

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The monetary value of a website with non-targeted traffic is not high compared to targeted traffic. Still, there are ways to balance out that disadvantage. Let’s learn how.

Here are five ways to make money with non targeted traffic:

1) Work upon the quality of your content: Since the non-targeted traffic consists of visitors who do not have a specific goal for visiting the website, it is advisable to have quality content on your website that catches the attention of the visitors.

2) Affiliate Marketing: Doing affiliate marketing on your website can help you make more money. I would recommend you do affiliate marketing for products which are always in demand, like mobile phones, books, etc. It’ll depend on your niche.

3) Google Adsense: This is a commission-based advertising service by Google. You can make money through its models, namely CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per 1000 impressions), and CPE(Cost Per Engagement). Signing up is free. You can visit its official website to learn more.

4) Sell your products: If you have your own products and you find those in demand, you can sell them on your website and earn money. You can also create/develop your own products in relatively little time. Digital products like ebooks, online courses, tools, etc. are in high demand these days. You can do that at the price of a coffee mug with Perfect Product Creation (PPC).

5) Publish sponsored posts: Sponsored posts are articles for which the writer pays you to publish on your website. It is an intelligent way to make money and network with similar people. You can find the sponsors of articles/posts in online communities and social media websites. Initially, it requires repetitive efforts, but it’s easier once you’ve met some businesses you can work with repeatedly. 

By implementing the above methods, you can make money from your website, even with relatively untargeted traffic. I would further suggest you work to get targeted traffic to your website. It’s not difficult, costly, or time-consuming. With methods like OMTM, it’s possible with just a few minutes of work per day. I have been implementing it for a long time.

In conclusion, targeted traffic is more promising for monetizing a website. Of course, you can make money from non-targeted traffic but, it would be difficult to rely on that alone.

Please feel free to reply to me for more clarification on anything.

Good Luck!



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