How to earn money online by writing for people?

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Indeed, there are numerous ways. Writing at a convincing, professional level is difficult for most people, which is why being able to write exactly what someone wants can be lucrative. Freelancers who ghostwrite books or copywriters who create content for businesses are a couple of examples.

You can also earn money by writing if you get readers for your content, and they like it, so that’s writing “for people” in the other sense of the word. Not literally writing content someone else wants to publish as their own, but writing to please an audience of fans you gathered over time.

All things considered, at whatever point you write and publish online, you are probably doing that for others, either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. Here are five proven ways by which you can earn money writing online.

Let’s start with the first way that’s specific to your requirement.

#1 Writing for others:

With this, you can work as a freelancer. In present times, many freelancers are earning a good income. You can create a freelancer account on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, to find relevant writing work. In the future, I would expand by creating your own website to establish your platform as a freelancer. Some examples of freelance writing work are: writing for websites, copyediting, press release, and testimonial writing, resume writing, writing for email marketing, proposal drafting, essay writing, ad scriptwriting, whitepaper writing, and much more.

#2 Writing as a blogger:

If you have a talent to write on a particular niche, then pick a topic, create a blog, and start writing. There are many ways to earn through a blog,  such as earning through advertisements by making use of Google’s AdSense. Or you can connect your blog to an affiliate platform.

#3 Writing ebooks:

You can write an ebook on any subject that educated people on an important, niche topic. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge about that subject. You can also seek the help of any subject expert and get their consultation on what to write first if your budget allows that. Selling an ebook is not an easy process, but it’s undoubtedly achievable.

#4 Writing for online magazines and news websites:

This is similar to submitting articles for traditional newspapers, magazines, etc.

#5 Writing on social media for others: People spend a lot of time on social media, and it’s possible to use social profiles like a kind of second blog. The writing style here is different. If you know how to write a viral social media post, you can try your luck with that. Moreover, there are many jobs available in which businesses seek a Social Media Manager/Content writer. You can search for such jobs on job portals, or may even earn for yourself by writing amazing posts, if you’re interested in building a personal brand.

By following the above ways, you can earn money, provided the quality of your writing is good, and your readers want more of your content. You can also write for some websites that pay a fixed price and have jobs listed directly. Examples of those websites include Hubpages, Teckler, Dailytwocents, etc. You can visit such websites to learn more. Personally, I think they’re a beginner trap, and should only be used temporarily before making the above methods work for you.

If I were to give a specific suggestion, I would recommend you to have a website of your own, write whatever you are most passionate about, and gather an audience that you can monetize. Don’t worry! You can have that easily start a site through Wix, WordPress, etc.

After you have a website and you’re comfortably putting out content, get visitors to that website. You need to work on expanding your site’s content profile and gathering more traffic, at the same time, at all times. Technically, these visitors are known as traffic to a website or web traffic. Those visitors are also the readers of your content. The more readers, the more you can earn on your site.

To ease your mind, getting traffic to a website is not difficult if you do it systematically with a little basic knowledge. I have been doing that for over several years. Being a digital marketer and an online writer, my income depends on the traffic to my websites. I have tried and tested multiple ways to get it quickly, and without getting frustrated.

OMTM is a few hour-long video program showing you how to get free traffic from only a couple of moments of work every day. Many online writers had a good experience with that after my recommendation. If you are interested to know about OMTM, you can visit this link where I have posted my review of it.

In conclusion, by making consistent efforts and following a systematic approach, you can earn money by writing online.

Good Luck!



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