How to generate traffic and get more sales for my online store?

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Traffic to a website is pivotal. With an eCommerce website, more traffic means more sales, and ultimately more revenue. Let’s quickly cover how you can generate traffic for an online eCommerce store.

If I knew more about your online store (like the products you deal in), my suggestions could be more specific. Still, the following suggestions will work for you, provided you do a bit of research at your end. Here are five ways in which you can generate more traffic and improve sales:

1) Affiliate Marketing: By having an affiliate program for your online store, you can get more traffic and sales. Various surveys state that a customer’s buying decisions are influenced by recommendations from other people. You can implement influencer marketing, social proof, other websites, etc. to refer buyers to you, and in return, you can pay them a commission for each sale. Just be picky and vet the potential candidates for the program. A bad affiliate may not simply fail to get you more sales, but also make bad content that sets the wrong expectations in the customer. It’s also a pain to manage a large group of affiliates, dealing with their questions or requests. Typically, effective affiliate programs are selective and small.

2) Sales campaign: Creating a sales campaign always helps. Everyone loves to see good deals, and will take action when that deal is time-sensitive. If you create an exceptional sales campaign, then you will get more sales. You can also offer giveaway campaigns. You can offer seasonal/festive discounts, ‘buy one, get one’ deals, all kinds of stuff.

3) SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website content will help you to get your website/online store listed in search engine results. Ideally, your store has some type of content source, such as a blog, that you can build and optimize to draw more traffic over time.

4) Social Media tactics: Social media always helps in driving traffic for online stores, provided you do that in the right manner. By making engaging, valuable posts that describe the products of your online store, and in the process offer value independent of what you are selling, you can get more sales and traffic. Authenticity and leading with value, that’s key with social.

5) Paid advertisements: If your budget allows, you can have paid advertisements to promote your website/online store. PPC ads on Google or social media platforms can work pretty well. Just don’t expect a miracle in the first few months. Ads run at a loss, usually, before you figure out what works the best. In your shoes, I would make sure I have awesome content, like on an attached blog, take whatever post performed the very best, use PPC ads to draw more traffic to it, and use a call to action in the blog post to gather email leads. Then you can email those people about new products and deals.

DO NOT expect it to work in a basic, dollars in, dollars out way. Like using PPC ads to send traffic to an actual store page and expect to make more in sales than what you spent in clicks. I know some people who managed to do that, but it’s harder than it sounds.

By implementing the above-listed strategies, you can increase traffic to your website. Since you are concerned about more sales, merely having more traffic alone won’t solve the purpose. The quality of the traffic also matters. How eager are these visitors to buy from you? To get quality traffic, you can implement One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). OMTM is really good, especially if you’d rather not hook up a blog to your store and want good traffic-grabbing content some other way.

Please feel free to reply to me for answers to your questions, if any.

Good Luck!



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