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Backlinking is a proven strategy to build traffic to a website.. Backlinks can be external as well as internal. Internal is when you link the posts of your blog with each other, and opposite to it, the external backlinks occur when another site has a link back to one of your blog pages. I generally recommend having an awesome blog with a lot of content and internal links to get people reading multiple pages and convert them into fans. Do this while steadily building a backlink profile.

Let’s discuss more.

To have effective results with the backlinks, there is no doubt that the quality of content, frequency of posts, and the niche of your blog matters a lot. By connecting your blog with other high-quality websites, you can get a huge volume of traffic. But your site needs to be worthy of other people’s trust and needs to be valuable in the eyes of its target audience.

Here are five strategies through which you can get quality backlinks for your blog:

#1 By sharing the content of the blog on social media websites, provided you write appealing posts, post at good times, use proper hashtags, and other tactics, your blog’s posts will likely get a lot of eyeballs. If your budget allows, you can opt to boost the posts that perform well to draw even more traffic.

#2 By joining online communities relevant to the niche of your blog, you can occasionally post the link to your blog on those platforms, while actively participating in the ongoing discussions, as long as it’s appropriate. Examples of such places are Quora, Reddit, YahooAnswers, etc. You can dig out more places. Niche-specific community sites are great.

#3 You can share your blog’s content on other websites relating to your niche. You can write guest posts on other blogs, and link back to yours in the content. I have seen many bloggers building backlinks from Medium to their blog. You can do that as well.

#4 Simply by commenting on other blogs relevant to your niche, you can build backlinks. Ensure to do that smartly as posting a link out of context is spam.

#5 Another way is to keep a check on your competitors. Observe them and see where they get backlinks from. Don’t just blindly copy. Understand their strategies and then implement similar things, with a twist. Sometimes the twist is just doing something in addition to what the competitors do, and other times it’s doing one of the things they do better than them.

Since it seems you are looking for building traffic to a blog, I have more suggestions for you. For now, I can suggest a specialized method that teaches the basics of website traffic, covers backlinks and has helped me a ton in building traffic to my blogs. It’s called One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). For specific suggestions, relating to your blog, feel free to share its link in the comment section.

In conclusion, backlinks can be easily built for a blog, provided you are aware of the basics of online content and networking.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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