How to get instant profit with more traffic?

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Do you have traffic already? Because that’s going to alter the nature of this answer.

It takes time to make money from online traffic. After completing the initial hurdles, you CAN make money very quickly with your traffic, if you design a website and business that is conducive to fast, bulk payments. Digital product businesses are great at this.

Monetizing a website is a straightforward, classic source of passive income. But it’s an art form, and there are ways to make this all much easier or much harder for yourself.

Here are six ideas:

1) Affiliate Marketing:

What easier way is there to get traffic, and then make money on it than to make content about something people already know about and already search to decide if they want to buy it? Then give them a link to buy it. That’s affiliate marketing, and I often suggest this either as a place to start or a nice addition to an already profitable website. You can check the Affiliate Marketing category in the Knowledge Base section on my website for more info about this topic.

2) Displaying Ads:

Here, you’re not paid for action, or via sales commission like with affiliate marketing. Instead, you’re selling literal webspace or impressions. If your site is popular, companies and other sites might want to get more traffic from your site by putting an ad on the sidebar or something. The more visitors on your site who see the ad, the more you get paid.

I shouldn’t need to tell anybody about AdSense and other basics of online advertising, so look it up if you haven’t yet. You will probably use it, eventually, if you stick with your website long enough.

3) Selling YOUR OWN Products on Your Website:

Even if affiliate marketing or ads work, I think selling a product that you made, and therefore own entirely, is a no-brainer, especially a digital product. By selling ebooks, online courses, etc. you can make money on your expertise and website reputation, without sharing a cent. You can also sell physical products through it, although I don’t bother anymore. Maybe someday, if I find a great product and distribution agreement. Otherwise, stick to digital.

4) Offer Consulting Services:

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that you can get paid just by studying something no one else wants to learn. Well, that’s consulting, and it’s money. Big money.

Consultancy services in a field where knowledge is valuable, such as IT, legal, health, agriculture, jobs, etc. always remain in demand. You’ll need an awesome website as the hub for your credibility as an expert, and you’ll need time and a story that you can develop. But, once you’ve got that ‘legit’ vibe, you can create a good source of income by converting visitors into clients. It’s still direct time for money, which I don’t like very much, but the sheer amount you can make is worthy of mention. I know people who charge $10k an hour for consulting.

The key is the right clients. Some schmuck running a one-to-ten employee company, who says consulting is a scam, sure, they’re not a client. Consultants should target big wigs, corporations. Also, be ready for an uphill battle getting American or western clients if English is not your first language and you aren’t VERY fluent. Consultants do best when they can speak with confidence and have an answer ready like no one else. You must come across totally congruent with the client’s world, and also the topic in question.

5) Sponsored content:

Basically influencer marketing. You can offer to have someone feature some sort of content, or maybe host a part of your content, fund a project you had planned, etc. in exchange for their name being a part of the finished product. Guest posting is a common form, but this doesn’t apply to just blogs, you could it with a YouTube channel, social channels, whatever.

6) Build an email list:

With a good volume of visitors on your website, you can create a funnel to build an email list of subscribers, then sell whatever you want to them.

I would pick a couple of these and focus on building more traffic, as well as improving traffic quality. Focus on monetizing what traffic you do have at the same time, and you’ll progress quickly.

There’s a couple of different things that work nicely to build up your numbers without sacrificing the quality of traffic. You could try One Minute Free Traffic Method (OMFT). That’s probably the cheapest thing to get you started, plus the quickest to learn. If you are interested, you can check its review on my website.

If you have traffic already, you just need to up your income, then focus on the stuff I described in the list more. If you’re new, focus on OMFT more instead.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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