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I can understand your excitement.  After anyone gets a website, he/she is naturally excited to see more visitors as time goes on. But, after trying and testing multiple traffic methods over the years, now I feel relaxed whenever I launch a new website as I am confident in getting targeted traffic eventually. I won’t call it free, even if it costs nothing, as everything takes time and effort, which have monetary value. But I have learned how to build up a website faster than usual. Let’s discuss how.

When it comes to traffic growth, speed and affordability are kinds of opposite directions. Nobody wants to admit it, but money is a massive time saver in advertising and business building. But you can find an optimal balance that costs as little as possible and works as quickly as possible.

Here are three proven ways of getting what you’re looking for:

#1 Make use of in-demand keywords for your website’s content: In other words, you have to perform every possible SEO measure for your website. Not just once, you need to audit at regular intervals. Often, old evergreen content can be revitalized with some keyword changes or content updates. By doing that, your website likely will be listed higher in search engine results. That means more targeted traffic. Your website’s niche can help you suggest better keywords. Further, you can make use of keyword planner tools. It’s a big topic, so I won’t go too far into it here, but SEO matters.

#2 Blogging:  a proven tactic to get more traffic, provided you do it right. I am not sure if you are blogging already. Whatever the case, frequent blogging of high-quality, engaging, and valuable content always helps. Then you just backlink from the blog posts to the pages of your site that matter most.

#3 By staying active in online communities:  The law of attraction applies to web traffic. That is, traffic gets more traffic. If people don’t go to your site, go where they hang out. By staying active and genuinely promoting your website in online communities such as Facebook groups, discussion forums, etc. you can build a reputation.

Russell Brunson follows a concept called the Dream 100. This is the key to making #3 work. Make a list of the 100 most successful people on the social platform you are using whose audiences would care about your website. Now you know whose groups to join, whose email lists to subscribe to, whose posts to comment on. Get some real clout and start forming friendships with powerful people in your niche. It’s not crazy fast unless you get lucky, so I’m mentioning it as an aside, but oh man, does it work.

For tons of other actionable tips for web traffic, you can refer to the Knowledge Base section on my website.

I would like to clarify that, the above tactics will require serious effort. That is the price of quick, reliable results for zero cost. They may take a bit longer to get traffic if you don’t go hard in the paint, but I can assure you, stick with it a little every day and you’ll have a regular stream of targeted traffic in the long-run. The above ways are proven and self-tested.

If you want something really specific that I personally recommend, I use the One Minute Traffic Machines Method. OMTM is a set of tutorials that guide you in a special way of getting traffic to your website with a few minutes of work per day.  You can visit my website and see my detailed review to find out if it’s a good fit for your website and goals.

To sum up, OMTM is a method that takes a little time in the beginning, but in the future, you don’t have to worry about it getting obsolete. But looking past OMTM, any methods that bring real value to others and that don’t involve technical gimmicks will usually work out.

Good Luck!



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