How to get traffic for ebooks based website?

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Depends. Are you an author, a publisher, or an ebook store competing with companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

Well, in any case, your site is going to need more traffic, and of as high a quality level as possible.

The suggestions in this answer will apply to most ebook-based websites, but remember, I don’t know your exact situation. You can share the link to your website later if you want to get more specific suggestions.

Coming straight to the point, an ebook website functions similarly to a blog. It’s not the exact same context, but people are going there to read. Here are seven ways to make full use of your potential website visitors’ interests and behaviors:

1) Perform SEO measures for your website regularly. Are you posting stuff people actually look for? Readers tend to use the internet on a more niche, deep-diving way by searching very long-tail keywords, so researching this sort of audience is very helpful to guide you in your SEO.

2) The content of your ebooks should be valuable and of high-quality. The right ebook can practically sell itself on its title if the idea is good enough and hits on some serious pain points. Check out Perfect Product Creation (PPC) if you are curious about using that strategy. I’ll get into that at the end.

3) Build an email list by funneling the visitors on your website to a landing page and sign-up form, and use that list to promote your ebooks and website.

4) Build a strong social media presence that describes and sells your ebooks.

5) If your budget allows, you can advertise your ebooks and website, such as with PPC ads.

6) Create hype through contests, giveaways, freebies, discounts, etc.

7) You can create blog posts out of the content of those ebooks, (assuming they’re your intellectual property) and share those blog posts as a valuable solution in relevant online discussion forums or social media groups.

I frequently share actionable tips to get web traffic in the Knowledge Base section on my website, which may help you in your journey by offering more specific advice. On my website, you’ll also see my review of PPC.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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