How to grow 30K to 500,000 visitors on a website in 90 days?

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First of all, I would appreciate you for having that number of visitors already. Secondly, I would praise your vision for setting a target. You can achieve that target if you keep on making consistent efforts as you have been already doing, and a bit of smart work. How?

To put your mind at ease, I would like to tell you that as per traffic growth prediction surveys, 500K visitors in 90 days is not a big target when you are already at 30K.

My base for calling it easy is my experience with that. Well, you may leave a reply to me for more on that. Before concluding, I will let you know about that too.

To be straightforward, I would say that you need to make use of paid methods as free ones may take a longer time due to their limited capabilities. At the same time, it would be advisable to select a paid method wisely that doesn’t cut too deep into your current earnings, gives you the desired results, and is ethical, the reason being deceptive, harmful, and spammy ways in some paid methods will harm your reputation in the long run.

Being aware of your situation and instead of filling the answer space with numerous suggestions, I would keep it short and prefer to give you three hints for increasing the number of visitors. They are: 

1) Focus on Existing Visitors 

You must have heard about “word of mouth” publicity. That may fit well with your situation. If you treat your existing visitors well by serving them valuable content with frequent updates, ease of accessibility, and all relevant privileges that improve user experience, then they could get you more visitors. There could be a simple calculation: 30K visitors may bring at least 100K visitors in the first 30 days, then now with 130 K, you may get 300K more and so on. You may get more than your expectations too. Before you get into calculations, I would leave it to you to research and find out what you can do to retain the existing visitors and how.

2) Make Your Web Content Easily Shareable

To reach out to the maximum people, make your existing web content easily shareable on social media platforms. Make your website mobile-friendly. You may also encourage your existing visitors to share the website content. For example, you may start a campaign “Sharing is Caring“. In that, you may offer an incentive to the visitors who get you maximum likes on the social media platform, say in a week. I hope you understand the reason behind that. Giveaway contests are great for this if you make sharing your site or certain pages on it a way to earn more entries.

3) Paid Advertisements

Depending on your budget, you may start ad campaigns specific to your visitors’ group. Advertisements are the best way to reach out and send a message to the target audience. For that, you may make use of Google’s available techniques such as Adwords. At your current size, you can easily make use of custom audiences, identifying only your best customers who buy, share, and visit the most.

I could have suggested more if I had more information about your website. But the above suggestions would work for you.

Now, as per my commitment to you, I would suggest the best utility for your money, which is One Minute Free Traffic. OMFT has given me the same growth rates as you have been looking for in my last projects, and as of now, I don’t plan to use any other non-CPA method. Here’s a link to my review post on that, REVIEW: One Minute Free Traffic. It gave me amazing results for minimum effort or headaches. I can think of a few people who had solid traffic and then turned it viral with OMFT and a few related products.

After reading that, you may also want to try it. Anyways, whatever method you pick, it’s 500K visitors mark that will matter. 

Good Luck!



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