How to grow an email list? Please suggest at least 10 proven ways to do that.

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You can grow your list by using proper techniques and methods. For this, you may refer to someone who has successfully grown a list in your niche or start working on suggestions until you find the most effective ones. Keep on experimenting and comparing, and you’ll figure out the most effective ones for you. Well, that may take a lot of your time, maybe even years. So, I would suggest a method that works for me, List Warrior. Here’s more to that.

List Warrior is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. For beginners to list building, like me, List Warrior was one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdle of building an email list. If you take the tips and information inside List Warrior seriously, you’ll have a one-and-done tactic to go from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in a matter of months.

I would suggest you read my honest review on it: REVIEW: List Warrior.

The results of List Warrior have helped ease my mind a lot as I have tried and tested multiple list building products and tactics over the years.

Now, let’s come to the second part of your question. Although the method I have discussed above would cover the following points with much more up to date additional ways, here are ten proven ways to collect emails.

1) Sign-up Sheet

Create a sign-up form on the website where you feature your writing/content and ask readers to enter their details, including email addresses and/or names. If people come to your website and like it, a portion of them will enter their information to get more content, updates on you, etc.

2)  Feedback Form

You can have a feedback form on the web page where you would ask readers to share their reading experience. If you do this, have a checkbox where people can consent to receive updates from you, and then only add people who checked that box. This way, you stay within general ethics.

3) Ad Campaigns

You may run advertisements on various platforms that may engage readers and help to get leads. Just make sure you’re advertising something people would want to give their email for, such as an event you’re holding that people would want to sign up to or to get a special gift, such as a free book of yours (works well for any writer, fiction or nonfiction). More on this in tactic #5.

4) Subscription-Based Websites

Some websites are designed to only show a certain number of articles, stories, etc. to a visitor, per week, per month, or whatever. Then, people have to pay to subscribe to the site and get full access. You can try an altered version of this tactic by quartering off some portion of your website to only those who have subscribed to your emails.

5) Freebies and Discounts

You may provide the reader with free ebooks, guides, etc. in exchange for the email address. You may also distribute discount coupons for the same stuff.

6) Usage of Call To Action (CTA) Words/Buttons

You may create CTA buttons on your social media pages and web pages. There are some common words that can be used for CTA buttons as well as in the content such as “Join, Free, Upgrade, Find, Start, Stop”, etc. Such words and buttons catch the user’s attention and help inspire them to act.

7) Link to Offers

You may provide links to offers that require email signups on your websites as well as other websites.

8) Use Popups

You may use popups and lightboxes on your web pages. Be cautious while using them as they may sometimes irritate the user, and sometimes they get blocked by visitor apps.

9) Traditional Methods

The old ones but indeed effective ones. You may use offline methods for email collection such as a visitor entry book at a store, trade show, etc.  You can go to events where your audience is likely to gather and pass out business cards with the URL to your site/landing page.

10) AFI

AFI? Ask For It! Tell the user that you require it to serve your customers better and improve, and get their consent if they would like to receive offers, newsletters, etc. on it from you in the future while helping you out as well.

Well, the above ways are worth it and will definitely be helpful for you.  


Almost all email collection methods are more or less similar in every situation. It is your right application as well as smart marketing skills that will help you get maximum results. As a final word, based on my experience, I would suggest you not waste much time on experimenting as I did, it would be better to land upon List Warrior or something like that. Pick a highly-rated one-and-done system, learn it, and stick to it.

Please feel free to leave me feedback on your application of the suggested ways and methods.

Good Luck!



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