How to make an email list for a blog?

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I’m not sure if you’re asking literally how do you create the platform of an email list (aka signing up to a service for email lists.) or if you’re asking about the technique side, about getting subscribers once you have a lead capture system running.

The former is very simple, so assuming it’s the latter, let’s discuss ways to build an email list for a blog.

#1 Sign-up Sheet: 

No one’s going to join anything if they don’t have a place to sign up with their info. You create a sign-up form on all pages of the website, especially the main blog-roll, and ask visitors to enter their details, including email addresses and/or names, to stay updated by email when you release new posts. The absolute baseline. If you’re completely new and lost, start here.

#2 Advertising Campaigns:

You can run advertisements on various platforms to get email leads. Just make sure you’re advertising something people would want to give their email for, such as an event you’re holding that people would want to sign up to and offer a special gift, such as a free book or guide of yours.

#3 Subscription-Based Websites:

Some websites are designed to only show a certain number of articles, stories, etc. to a visitor, per week, per month, or whatever. Then, people have to pay to subscribe to the site and get full access. You can try an altered version of this tactic by quartering off some portion of your website to only those who have subscribed to your emails. Or you can just go with the time-based content cap strategy. This works best when there’s an expectation of fans coming often to check new content, which is why it’s so common with news blogs.

#4 Freebies and Discounts:

If at all possible, you should provide the reader with free ebooks, guides, etc. in exchange for their email addresses. You may also distribute discount coupons for the same reason. If you run an offline business but are building an online presence, I strongly recommend focusing all your discount coupon campaigns into online sales. Because with online sales, you can get the customer’s email and other information, as well as the context of them doing business with you, because you know which coupon code they redeemed and where it came from.

There are many other ways to make an email list for a blog, but these are a good start.

One thing that’s worked particularly well for my blogs is the¬†List Warrior(LW)¬†method. It is a several-hour-long video program teaching you how to build an email list in a way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. For beginners to list building, it is one of the most powerful tools I ever invested in to overcome the initial hurdles of building an email list. If you’re interested, you can read its review on my website. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for more tips on list building.

In conclusion, you can easily make an email list for your blog by implementing these suggestions and sticking with it.

Please feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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