How to make money from affiliate marketing through an email list?

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Using an email list for marketing is an effective strategy to make more sales, provided your list is good and you market to them effectively.

In the context of email lists, the word ‘good’ has multiple meanings, such as the list should have active subscribers who are interested in the niche your affiliate product(s) belong to, and they should know, like, and trust you as someone to listen to regarding that niche and its related topics.

Email only really works when it’s segmented, as in, different lists for different types of customers. Wide, general-audience email lists always end up worthless. On top of that, making money from your email list through affiliate marketing depends on various factors such as the size of the list, relevance of the product being promoted to the list, the description you write for affiliate products, etc. Above all else, though, you need to keep building the list while qualifying the subscribers, so you can be certain you’re only emailing people who really do have a chance of buying whatever you choose to promote.

Let’s discuss more.

By having a list of a few hundred subscribers and promoting your affiliate products, you can start earning money. Do not be misled into thinking that you need tens of thousands of subscribers before you can turn a profit. Your revenue would grow over time as you gain more exposure and start finding a perfect match for your lists, and with good curation and a well-chose niche, you can earn a fair amount with even a list of under 1000 people. Here are seven tips for you:

1) By sending regular messages to the subscribers, you can build relationships with them. Do not be afraid to send emails often. You don’t have to start sending every day, but I would send as often as you can and work your way up to daily if possible. I do see some successful businesses only emailing once a week, but no more infrequent than weekly. And be prepared for slower growth if you go that route. The reality is that more emails = more chances for people to get to know you.

2) By adding links in your emails, you can get traffic to your affiliate website. Even if the visitors don’t buy from you very often, you can also point them to your site via links, and the traffic on your website is also a potential source of money.

3) People check their email every day, and so with email lists, you can promote targeted offers to the audience in a timely, but step-by-step way that a single webpage could never do. This goes beyond just including links. I recommend making a series of DAILY emails to promote a product. Don’t include a link yet, in the first few emails. Build intrigue, hype up what you’re going to offer them. I’ll be releasing a review soon on my website about Dotcom Secrets, which discusses the Soap Opera Sequence, a great example of how to do exactly what I’m talking about.

4) Be concise or go long and personal. These are the two email types that have worked for me. I think what works best is switching it up, going concise for a few emails, then long and personal for one or two, and back again.

5) If possible, include social proof in your email contents. Talk about happy customers, or other industry people you were talking to. Anything that shows you have connections and approval in your industry.

6) Including Calls To Action (CTAs) in your emails is very helpful. Be direct and assertive. It’s okay to tell people to do something. Don’t be skittish with your marketing. It’s just as bad as being too forceful and salesy. Both extremes turn people off.

7) Do not recommend any product without qualifying it first with a review. You can do it quickly within the email. You can just talk about how you met the person who made it (if you did), what about the product surprised you the most, stuff like that. It doesn’t need to be a long review (although review blogs can be very effective for affiliate marketing).

By implementing the above tactics, you can make money from affiliate marketing by using an email list. Merely implementing the above suggestions won’t help with making money, though. Your email list should be reliable. Per my experience as well as the suggestions of industry experts, the chief reason for failing or underperforming email marketing campaigns is an improper email list. Most of the digital marketers, to avoid the initial hurdles of email list building, follow improper techniques of email list building. As an affiliate marketer for a long time, I have experienced that mistake, particularly among less experienced clients.

To build an effective email list and learn the basics, I would recommend List Warrior (LW). It’s a method for email list building from scratch.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative career options. You can make a handsome amount of money from it, provide you do it systematically, and stick to it.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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