How to make money through a WordPress blogging website in 2020?

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There are many ways in which you can monetize your WordPress blog in 2020. My suggestions will include proven strategies which are likely to remain relevant in the coming years too, instead of flash-in-the-pan gimmicks that will stop working by the time you get around to trying them. Let’s discuss some effective, economy-resistant WordPress monetization strategies.

Before I begin, to clearly say that you can make X amount of money in Y number of days, doing anything, would probably be lying through unrealistic assurance. But, if you grasp these strategies and work at them regularly, you can start earning soon. It really depends on your efforts. To make a WordPress blog is as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation, plus it’s free. You just have to stick with it, not get bored, and be willing to try new things.

First of all, select a niche for your blog. Assuming you have an interest in writing and can write content that catches the attention of readers, pick a niche that is in-demand. I won’t recommend going against your own hobbies or interests but research your niche well since we’re doing this for money, not just to have fun. After you have decided, start writing high-quality content. Post it regularly.

Alongside your content production, you need to draw traffic. Traffic is just a term for visitors to your blog. Remember, those visitors are your source of income. A site with no visitors is not going to make any money, ever. Make every possible effort to get more visits, without cheating or spamming. Monetization gets better if those visitors come on their own, out of a legitimate interest in what your site has to offer.

In other words, the traffic to your blog should be organic. There are several ways to get traffic to a blog, and my other answers go into more detail. As a cautionary note, opt for only legitimate ways. Value-focused, white-hat, it’s all really the same thing: not spam. The internet is full of frauds who will happily spam, scam, and mislead you. Set yourself apart from them, and your traffic prospects will grow over time since you’ll have a real reputation of fans who know you are legit.

Just as an example, never buy website traffic. You shouldn’t have to pay people to walk into your store or your restaurant, so why pay people to come to your site?

If I were to suggest a specific reliable method to get traffic to your blog, since people usually want one, then I would suggest One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM).

After you manage to get sufficient traffic with a good number of daily visitors, you can earn money through Pay Per Click ads (PPC), Google’s AdSense, product reviews for affiliate marketing, etc. Being straightforward, I would recommend focusing on traffic first. The rest comes easy. Per my experience, it takes at least 4 to 6 months to get sufficient traffic, provided you maintain high-quality web content and other relevant efforts. You can get results faster, but only if you treat your website like your job, as in you put in regular hours of work building your traffic, and networking with others every day. Most of all, you need to make a lot of content, regularly.

Before I conclude, I want to give a golden suggestion that probably no one will tell you here, which concerns WordPress. You can get a website initially hosted through WordPress, and I do think beginners should do that so they aren’t overwhelmed, but in the long term, I would recommend you to buy your domain as that would help a lot with monetization. When you don’t own your own domain, you don’t really own your site, which makes things frustrating as you try to make more money.

Imagining myself at your position, I know the questions and doubts you may have right about now. It might sound like this is too much to learn, but it’s really not. You just have to have realistic expectations about learning it, mastering it, and getting the results you want. It will probably take longer than you envisioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. It’s the kind of career that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the job market, and it is worth the time it takes to make it happen.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have a question or want more information.

Good Luck!



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