How to make money with WordPress website in 2020?

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There are multiple ways in which you can monetize your website. The core concept, the capability to provide a monetary value to any website, is more or less the same in each case. What is it?

To make this answer valuable for you so that you can implement the suggestions instantly (though that would depend on how early you understand it, in my case I took three hours to lead my first step, and the others came about much faster), I would suggest a realistic way that I have been following for a long time. Instant implementation should not be confused with instant money. The process takes time. To say ‘X’ amount of money in ‘Y’ days would be a false assurance. The real assurance would be that it is possible in a short period of time, if you implement that right and put your consistent serious efforts in it. The sooner a money-making method is up and running, the sooner it starts making you money.

Before proceeding further, I will tell you the nutshell basics of making a website with WordPress as it could be helpful for anyone. It’s as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation.

First of all, decide a niche for the website. I would keep it simple in the very beginning and start a blogging website. You ought to have an interest in writing for that unless you’re going to outsource the content. In another case, you can leave me a reply to let me know what interests you, or if you have any other concept in your mind, you can proceed with that, as long as you’ve researched it and have good reason to believe it would work. After you decide on that, visit WordPress’s official website, and follow the instructions that you see for getting a website. You can pick the free route to keep it simple, and transition over to a more powerful site that you pay for (but own entirely) later, once you learn the basics.

Assuming you have a website ready (in actual, it won’t be ever fully ‘ready’, as you would daily find new things to add or improve, but you get what I mean), the next thing you need is visitors to your website. These visitors are the source of money in the long run. How?

These visitors contribute to the traffic on a website. It’s as simple as that: The more the traffic you would have to your website, the higher the monetary value of the website. In short, the more money you could make.

Now, there should be a question in your mind about how that traffic would come to your website. I am here to tell you more about that. There are two traffic sources: Organic(Free Traffic) and Paid Traffic.

Organic traffic is those visitors who would visit your website on their own. In short, you won’t lead those visitors to your website through some kind of means that cost you money. Paid traffic, as the name suggests is the traffic that you brought to your website by spending money. No doubt you would be paying to set up organic traffic sources too, but we can just call that advertising expenses for organic traffic.

A cautionary aside in this regard would be to opt for only legitimate ways of building traffic. As the internet is full of fraudulent websites and people who could spam you, always be skeptical. Also, do not waste your precious money for getting traffic through the ways that may promise to give you that, but are almost a big ZERO in terms of delivery. Buying traffic in bulk can work, but it needs to be from a trusted person, and I emphasize person, not bots.

For all of that, you can seek expert advice, of which there’s plenty online. I’m happy to help as well. Receiving positive feedback testimonials over email or DM gives me a nice boost to my day. 🙂Coming back to the point, I would suggest a method through which you can get traffic to a website and earn money, without consistently paying for it. In your words, a steady traffic-getting website is a steady money-making website. Being straight forward, I say focus on traffic, and you can monetize it later. After trying and being successful with multiple methods, that popularity-first method is trustworthy for me, and I recommend that to everyone who seeks my advice on web traffic and money-making through a website. Traffic first!

With that explanation finished, it’s time to unveil the name of my favorite traffic-building method here, which is One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). That’s a several-hours-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. OMTM will get you lots of scaleable, free traffic from small, consistent amounts of effort that anyone could do. That teaches you the skills to monetize a website in such a way that you could use throughout your life. That is the thing I like about it the most. Unlike other methods, it will stay with you.

Before I conclude, I want to give a golden suggestion that probably no one would be telling you here, which concerns WordPress. You can get a website initially hosted through WordPress, and I do think beginners should do that so they aren’t overwhelmed, but in the long term, I would recommend you to buy your domain as that would help a lot with monetization.

Imagining myself at your position, I know the questions and doubts you may have right about now. Please feel free to reply to me if you have a question or want more information.

Good Luck!



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