How to maximize profits with email marketing?

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Email marketing can be optimized for huge profits, provided you do that right. Whether a tactic is right or wrong depends upon the results. Everyone has their ways that supposedly work the best, but the fact is that you can do anything, and if it works, it works. So remember that I’m just one person with experience in email marketing and what works worked for me and people I know, but not everyone in email marketing. But, since you are seeking my way of maximizing profits with email marketing, here’s more on that.

Being into digital marketing for so long, I am a firm believer in the power of email marketing. The success I got with that didn’t come easy for me. In business, there is no limit to how well you can make something work, so even today, I keep on looking at how to climb higher.

For your question, here are the five ways I usually implement:

1) Getting the Right Subscribers: I would mention here, I spend a considerable amount of time on list building, before starting an email marketing campaign for any project. You may call it a precautionary measure with my previous experiences on that. Once you build an email list the right way, the problem is half solved. Identify your target audience and include them in your email list of subscribers. As a result, you would get the right subscribers. I have been using List Warrior for that, which suggests the best ways of doing that with minimum efforts.

2) Engaging the Readers With a Message:

Every email message should be personalized. It would not be possible to write personalized messages for everyone in the list, of course, one would use templates, macros, and automated tools for that, still, look out for how you can engage readers and create interest. Rule# number one for me on this, based on what I’ve seen with other people, is do not be afraid of sending emails often. Sending one email a month packed with value is just not the same as three emails a week. If the list will tolerate either, then take the option that leads to more contact between customers and your brand.

3) You Won’t Hit Multiple Targets in One Shot:

Let’s understand this with imagery. Imagine you are holding a rifle,  and there are three clay targets in front of you, in the shape of a triangle. Would you shoot in the middle of the triangle, just because it’s the closest point to all three goals? Of course not, because you’ll hit none of them that way.?  Don’t focus on too many things. For example, an email for announcing a discount on a single product should not announce the seasonal sales offer on another product in a single mail. If you have different types of customers (good) or different contexts for selling to them (also good), create separate lists or segments. Only sell or launch one thing at a time. Keep it simple.

4) Using Visual Elements:

What we see through pictures, rather than words, we more easily feel in that moment. An email with a pleasing image, a colorful CTA button, and nicely done graphics has better chances of capturing the reader’s attention. Understand this, and decide as per your email, what to do and how.

5) Turn Down the Selling

That might seem odd in the context of the question, but I mean that. Yes, do not always sell. At times, just send emails to wish your subscribers a happy birthday, anniversary, seasonal greetings, etc. In selling emails, make sure you’re still giving value in some way before the ask. That strengthens the relationship and makes the subscribers feel that you care for them, and it’s not always for business reasons that you are reaching out to them.

I hope the above points have given you an idea of how I do that. Some people will say really surface-level things like grow your list and sell higher-priced products and services. And sure, that works, but only if you get these elements in order first. I will be straightforward here in saying that, it’s the email marketing that raises you above your competitors, because of how personal it can feel to an invested customer. I have nothing to hide, no proprietary or secretive knowledge. I make it a point to not hide parts of the truth in my answers because no one is really my competition. I believe entrepreneurs should work together whenever possible. Most of the marketing strategies are more or less the same at the end of the day. A blend of magical words with some prerequisites to sending can make anyone stand out and turn a profit, and that’s the core of email marketing.

Most people run after profits, but if you run with profits instead, if you take care of the fundamentals of customer experience and reach, that makes all the difference!

Please feel free to reply to me, in case you want more information on any of the above points.



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