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There are multiple ways to promote a brand through digital marketing. Being a blogger and having worked as a copywriter for diverse clients, I would recommend article marketing as a strong place to start. By that I mean, long-form heavy-content blog or article-type posts with sufficient intended promotion for each of one. Think ultimate guides, long, detailed personal stories, stuff that takes a solid amount of time to read, almost like a short story.

As writers get better, they usually discover that writing fewer things that are longer is much easier than writing something small and unique every day. Coming up with enough words for 1 substantial article per month, while not effortless, is a cakewalk compared to forcing yourself to make posts every day like most bloggers do. It’ll also give your readers a strong sense of respect for your content, and an eagerness to read more, knowing it’s going to be substantial.

If done properly, you can attract an audience, create brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales with a relatively straightforward and impossible-to-mess-up article marketing campaign. Here’s my advice on making a pro-financial-freedom article marketing plan, one that breaks even and scales up as quickly as possible and does not become a tiresome hobby or your new part-time job:

#1 Identify your target audience:

Who are you after? What does your customer look like, what do they do online, or offline? Where do your target audiences spend most of their time online, in terms of sites, apps, and groups?

Do not just write down some basic traits and call it a day. To start, let’s do a two-way split. People want things, and it’s fair to assume whatever they want, they don’t want the opposite. They also tend to distinguish their feelings based on time, so let’s also split the traits by immediate and long-term.

What do your ideal customers want most, right now? What about the long-term?

Four big questions, just like that. Answer all of this to your best ability, or better yet, research these people online to do so, and it shouldn’t be hard to start coming up with article ideas. And since you’re not forcing yourself to overproduce, you’ll come up with something good and have the time to flesh it out and make it a viral hit.

#2 Prepare strategies to reach your target audience:

Self-explanatory. You can reach your target audience through online channels like your website, social media accounts, etc. The more you build these over time, the more they’ll help you.

#3 Focus on the quality of your content:

Not just spelling and grammar, but the overall value to the person who might click. Establish high quality for your content. I think a good place to start is that the article provides A: a clear benefit to a specific type of person who would want it, B: the concept or topic hasn’t been overplayed, and C: it should be providing as much value as possible, with respect to any monetization limits, such as never sharing more than 30% of the tips in the book that you sell as free topics discussed on the associated blog.

Nothing happens overnight, especially quality writing. Everyone improves over time. Just try to learn from your brand’s competitors, which in this case would be both the specific market and niche you sell in as well as any article sites and blogs that such an audience usually also likes, those two fronts are important. What have your competitors, on these two fronts, done that worked, or didn’t? Do any people in the industry complain that they don’t do something in their articles, which you could do?

I would like to make it clear, article marketing is a comparatively uncommon way of brand promotion and takes time to deliver results. The faster way would be a diverse strategy that implements at least one traffic-building method, one reliable stream of connections for burst traffic on launches, and one set of effective PPC ads, but that might be too much right now. It’s fine to experiment with one thing at a time.

Article writing is great for those with a knack for it, but for some, it just isn’t a reasonable use of their time, compared to how much other methods might be more appropriate for their market. Just something to keep in mind.

If you want an extremely easy way to start marketing a brand online, here’s what I’d do. Get a really simple traffic method program that costs almost nothing, like OMFT (see my website and check reviews for info on that). Study that and put together a plan to implement what you learned to the fullest.

Then, once you’ve got your audience and topics handled, get used to writing in long, uninterrupted sessions. Try to treat articles like essay-style exams. The point is to write it down all at once in the allotted time. This will keep you from ever worrying about digital content marketing taking up too much time because you quarter it off into a singular session once every week or two weeks or even every three months. This is much better than multitasking on your articles all day, a teeny bit, so you’re constantly thinking and bothered by them. You will never stress about writing articles again, eventually. You will know it’s as easy as taking a slightly longer walk around the block.

Then, you develop a simple, but effective social content system to distribute your articles and turn your core content into multiple tiers of smaller content that can be posted and utilized on multiple platforms. There’s synergy here, as long-form articles will give you plenty of possibilities for smaller pieces of teasing social media content, and you get the singular focus of it all pointing back to the same singular thing you’ll be known for writing.

There’s too much to talk about there, but you get the idea. Keep that system up and watch the numbers grow every month. It’s basic, but it works, and it’s about as difficult as growing a garden full of weeds.

To conclude, article marketing is a promising way to promote a brand through digital marketing. It’s one of multiple fairly similar routes down the same general path, but it’s a good one, worth experimenting with.

Feel free to reply if you would like more tips or have any questions.

Good Luck!



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