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Unfortunately, you cannot create an online business entirely for free. Even if something in business and marketing doesn’t cost money, that probably takes time and effort to compensate, or requires favors from powerful connections you have built with others, which I believe are more precious than money.

Your decision to start a digital products business is admirable. It has proved to be a lucrative business model in recent times. If we look at the present scenario, digital products are gaining popularity. They include a wide range of things such as e-books, online courses or tools, fonts, logos, digital subscriptions, etc., and these things often integrate and bundle with one another, so I assume you have decided which type of product you are going to create. If you haven’t yet, rest assured, I am here to help you.

At the least, I can say that there are ways to create the product itself for free, or for cheap. If you opt for a specialized method that I implement, it won’t cost you more than a non-stick pan. Let’s discuss more.

A picture of a non-stick plan with an omelet seems strange in the context of our discussion, eh? Well, just like with cooking, anyone can follow the directions for making a digital product, but it’s the little details that determine how great it really is. A line cook and an executive chef are paid very different salaries to do basically the same job, just with little details on the executive chef’s side that make all the difference. Let’s discuss more.

The steps for starting a digital product business can be divided into creating and selling. Here are the five main steps involved:

Step 1: Select a niche that interests you and is profitable. For the latter, you have to research the target audience and the existing problems in that niche. As a quick suggestion, I would like to suggest a niche in a profitable market such as health, technology, relationships, etc. Then just get more specific, such as weight loss, learning Google Adwords, or how to get a girlfriend.

Step 2: As discussed earlier, digital products cover many things. After you have decided on the niche, research the actual product you want to build. What does it take to make a good one, and what are the common mistakes of amateurs? I would recommend you create a single product first and then scale up to more products of the same type after you succeed. Carefully look at what products are needed by your audience.For instance, entrepreneur-type people typically love online courses. Health-conscious people tend to buy a lot of ebooks.

Step 3: Start creating. There are numerous tools and apps for building digital products. Let’s say you decided to create an ebook; you can use word processing software, then convert it into PDF, a common technique in many online markets. That’s just an example, and there are pricier, more professional methods that might be expected of your audience, depending on the niche you picked. Once you decide on a product, you can look out for specific tools and apps. Of course, I can help you with that.

Step 4: After the product has been created, you can make use of apps like SendOwl, FetchApp, Sky Pilot, etc. to sell the finished product. However, do not stop here and expect to make tons of money. There’s one more point you need to check off.

Step 5: I strongly encourage you to create your own website for selling your finished products. Having a website is easy, cheap, and gives you more control over your marketing and platform. Then, you can promote your website and product on social media sites, paid advertisements, etc. This can be done cheaply, or at no expense other than time, if you wish. You can also implement ways to get traffic to your website, which is paramount. This traffic includes the ideal buyers of your product. No traffic means no sales. More traffic means more sales. This step cannot be ignored. I have tried and tested multiple methods for traffic, and I can professionally help you if you need some ideas. I normally charge for consulting, but there’s no harm in giving some basic pointers to someone who asks, that’s my policy.

As long as we’re talking about digital product selling, we shouldn’t ignore the rising competition in this business. Seeing the profitability and the opportunities that have yet to be saturated, more and more entrepreneurs are entering into this field. In such a situation, it is necessary to employ a method for developing and selling digital products that stand out. One such method is Perfect Product Creation (PPC). With PPC, you can build and launch a great digital product that practically sells itself.

In conclusion, starting an online business for digital products business can be a good decision, provided you proceed in the right manner.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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