How to turn one-time visitors into daily visitors for a news website ?

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I appreciate your clear vision and confidence. Converting a one time visitor to a regular one depends on many factors that contribute to web traffic on a website. Let’s discuss those factors.

The three ways in which you can turn one-time visitors of your news website into regular readers are:

1) News Content

Although it may sound obvious, it is one of the major issues nowadays with most news websites. Work more on the prime intent. Share valuable content through trustworthy sources on a consistent schedule and while the news is still fresh. As it’s your field, you know better, so you can also provide engaging opinion pieces and editorials.

On a related note the website must be easily accessible. Content should be in a proper arrangement so that it is easy to read. The text size, colors, fonts, templates, etc. would matter a lot.

2) SEO Optimization

Adopting proper techniques for Search Engine Optimization of the pages of your news website can be of great help. As the website may contain news articles on both trending and evergreen topics, make use of relevant keywords. For this, try a tool like Google Analytics.

3) Shareable Content

Since a news website is a source of information, make your content easily shareable on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc. so that other people who see your content may visit you back.

Proper implementation of these methods would get you good results. In addition to that, I would personally suggest you work on getting more first-time visitors as well. Even if you are getting a sufficient number of first-time visitors, still strive for more. In the context of web traffic, more is always better.

As an active member of the digital marketeers community, I always keep looking up for effective methods to drive more traffic to any website. The implementation of One Minute Free Traffic method to news portals may give especially good results. My article goes into more detail if you’re interested: REVIEW: One Minute Free Traffic.

Good Luck!



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