How valuable is the “4-Hour Work Week”?

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The 4HWW book is of great personal value to me. I know many people whose success took off after implementing ideas from Tim Ferriss’s 4HWW. Let’s get into why.

Anything that helps a person in a time of need is valuable. In the case of 4HWW, if someone feels burdened with the responsibilities of earning enough money to live how they want to live, then this book is a must-read. It is the best book for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset (because it kind of already assumes you have one) and who wants to get more benefits out of less time spent working. Mostly, aspiring entrepreneurs refer to it, because it is so popular and the most popular entrepreneur books are popular among rookies, but I am one of the biggest fans of the book because I have gotten real results from it.

Instead of teaching how to make money alone, it teaches¬†the principles through which one can make more money, more efficiently.¬†Really, the concept is so universally needed that I can’t see any ordinary person who wouldn’t benefit from what it has to say.With a lot of inspirational stories to help illustrate key points, it can help anyone earn more in whatever way they want, whether that’s through entrepreneur pursuits or just improving their work situation as an employee.

Even thirteen years since its publishing, that book is still valuable. The way it beautifully teaches anyone to escape the nine to five work culture is more relevant than ever. The book covers four critical aspects of working far less for more money, through an acronym called DEAL. It’s through this acronym that the book’s chapters are segmented into key parts, each very distinct and valuable. I often listen to people’s particular situations and then recommend they read specific sections first, such as A for Automation. Most people can just read it in order, though.

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the book has been a life-changer for many. The book itself discusses the success stories of people who grew and changed from their concepts. If you are interested in reading an honest review of it by me, then you can visit this link. That review also covers a few shortcomings of the book, because no book about how to improve your life is going to be perfect, and everyone’s life situation is different, leading to certain books being more useful to certain people than others. Anyways, the link to the website is in my profile. Give that a look, and you can get more details and see if the book is a fit for you and your current career situation.

In conclusion, while it’s not some magic missing puzzle piece book for every entrepreneur that reads it, 4HWW proves to be at least a little value for anyone who reads it and then implements its concepts in the right manner. In my view, everyone should give it a shot at least once in their lives.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any other questions relating to 4HWW or other entrepreneur books.

Good Luck!



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