How would you compare normal life feeling with entrepreneurial life?

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I am living the life of an online entrepreneur, and comparing it with my earlier life, I have a lot to share.

For a better explanation, I will have to discuss both of these lives, since they feel so different. Let me start by describing my current life, which happens to be entrepreneurial. Before ending my answer, I would also like to tell you how anyone can become an entrepreneur like me, even if they are not starting a business. It would be paramount to discuss that, as it would help anyone who wishes to change his way of living life.

I am an online entrepreneur and enjoying my present life. It’s not that my earlier life was dull, or something like that, it’s just, life has become more enjoyable after being an entrepreneur. It’s a fact that to enjoy your life you need friends, family, a home, your dreams fulfillment, and above all, money. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can get you many reasons to be happy, not the least of which being security and validation that you are doing something valuable. It might seem the same, but there is a difference between being rich and being rich enough to live a happy life. I deliberately chose the latter.

You ask what normal-life feeling compares to being an entrepreneur, and for me, it’s dissatisfaction. Even when things are okay, or even good, I know they could be better. If you’ve ever had that little voice in your head asking if you’re really doing enough, if you’re really living the life you wanted, or if you’re hiding and putting things on the back-burner indefinitely out of fear, then you know what I mean. I had to overcome that feeling of comfort in my normal day job and life and decide on my own that it wasn’t enough before I switched into being an entrepreneur. No one gave me a push, I had to make the switch because I wanted it badly enough. I had to decide that I would stop working myself to death just to grow my bank account, and change my lifestyle to something more rewarding.

It’s a bitter truth that usually people value money over life. That means richness is a point in life that one never meets completely. When anyone gets rich, their first thought is how to make more, just in case. In that way, it never stops. Well, that discussion is never-ending, you can see my post: The Homeless Millionaire: How Making Money Is Only Half the Battle, to understand that better, which is available on my website.

After completing college, like any other graduate, I had been searching for a full-time job. I landed upon a nine to five job relatively quickly. Everything was fine at first, and my earnings grew, but my free time shrunk at the same time. As a result, I started having differences with my family and friends. Soon my family time was then under the control of my job’s priorities. Seeing my bank balances often made me forget the disturbance in my personal life, it even relaxed me, but inside I was not feeling secure for my future. Who knew at that time, the worse was yet to come for me in the job. It happened that despite being in the top tier of employees in the organization, I was laid off. Apparently someone higher up than my manager disagreed with me being promoted “too quickly”, and as a knee-jerk response, got rid of me.

Without boasting, I would say that I have stronger than average willpower. I try to use anything that happens to my advantage, and I handled that time by using it as a chance to try something new. It was then that I decided to be an online entrepreneur.

Getting back to the topic of your question, let us now understand normal-life feelings compared to entrepreneurial life.

1) In normal life, one waits for the right time, whereas as an entrepreneur, you create the right time.

2) In normal life, you follow traditional ways of doing tasks, whereas as an entrepreneur, you make new ways.

3) By living an entrepreneurial life, you have the possibility of attaining financial freedom, whereas there is almost no possibility for that in a normal life. Instead, you compromise and accept eventual retirement.

4) In normal life, your job controls your time, whereas being an entrepreneur, you work when you feel like making extra money. When you don’t work, you still make at least something, and nothing bad happens.

5) In normal life, you get paid a set, limited amount for your work hours, whereas as an entrepreneur, the rewards of your time spent working have no limits, if you’re willing to work on raising them.

All of these differences come from a healthy, positive form of dissatisfaction. Of wanting things to be better and actively trying to make them better as a result.

I still have many points in my mind. I wish I could have discussed more of them here, but I am bound to extrapolate, and this answer’s long enough. If you want to know more, please let me know, I would be pleased to share with you.

One last note, about how I became an online entrepreneur, which you might find useful if you identify with anything from my story:

I’ve always loved reading. After I got laid off from my job, I decided to take a break, relax, sit on some of the money I had built up and then decide what to do. In that free time, I came across a book that proved to be life-changing for me, and that was my first step into being an entrepreneur. That book is The 4-Hour Work Weekby Tim Ferriss.

I would end my answer here. That book can be a life-changer for anyone else like me.

Good Luck!



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