How would you create an online presence for a new product?

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I’m trying to think of a universal answer to this question. With the world getting more digital, nearly every business needs a strong online presence to improve and build its brand, and ultimately get more sales for its productsHere are eight strategies to create an online presence for a new product.

#1 Get a well-designed website:

You can’t have full control over the sale of any product if you don’t own the site it’s hosted on. I would create a website dedicated to the product, or the general subject or niche the product is for, and list it there, as a natural recommendation in the course of reading or viewing some other content on the site.

#2 Focus on the content of the website:

Having worked as a copywriter from the beginning of my career, I consider content marketing the first thing to figure out before you start building an online presence. You should work on both the text and visual content of your static website as well. Make it engaging and put some effort into proper keyword research. It’ll save you from making a bunch of crap content that nobody would actually search for, clogging up your front page. Save the really wordy stuff for the blog or something; the front page is your first impression for most of your traffic if you’re running a competent campaign. You need a brief but substantial amount of words and frequent but NATURAL keyword usage.

#3 Improve traffic with paid ads:

If my budget allows, I generally implement PPC advertising. Done right, you can create ads that break even or make you money, meaning they can basically run forever at no cost. That doesn’t happen for most people, but then, that is a chance to decide fi you are going to be ad good at most people, or if you’re going to step up. Because here’s the secret:

The secret is pairing tight, frequently re-tested ads with extremely tight business and sales funnel design. Trim the fat, get the maximum amount of money you can per customer. You will probably not be ready for the full scope of this plan at first. Before you get serious about paid ads, I recommend having a business in the black, enough that you are willing to implement at least 5% of its incoming capital into a long-term, borderline permanent ad campaign. That is how people become millionaires on the internet.

#4 Create hype on social media:

Social media is an important component of an online presence. I would build my product’s presence on every possible social media platform that doesn’t suck for what I’m trying to do and make sure to regularly post valuable, high-quality, and engaging content specifically for my ideal customers. Unique content on every site doesn’t mean you have to slave away like some poor artist in an animation studio. That said, merely posting content on social media doesn’t help much, it requires special tactics where you 1: Produce super high-value seed content, 2: divide and multiply this content into as many forms possible for different sites, and 3: post this content all on a timer-controlled schedule so you do nothing once it’s all set for the month. This is known as Content Multiplication Models, AKA the one thing I’d ask to have kept if the time cops were going to erase my memory. It’s that powerful.

#5 Reach out to influencers:

Influencer marketing is yet another smart strategy to build an online presence and get more sales. Yes, even shy introverted types can connect and take advantage of deals, shared audiences, and more between other, similar people in a higher position than you are at right now. I always think of plans in terms of people, not things. Who’s going to handle this part, who’s going to do that, etc.. These kinds of relationships also help a lot to strengthen your online presence passively, as some people may reference or respond to you, or even offer their own influencer marketing ideas, on their own.

PS: Once that does start happening to you, buy land. 😉

#6 Engagement in online communities and groups:

By taking part in ongoing discussions in communities like Quora, Reddit, etc., and groups relevant to the relevant niche, one can get a lot of eyeballs towards a product, page, or anything. Treat it more like an extension to networking than as another social media site.

#7 By implementing email marketing:

Email marketing is another reliable strategy. Through email marketing, one can grow an audience and then update them with links to new products, deals, and more. The content of the emails should be attractive, and you need to have the guts to cut to the chase and sell a bit in most of the emails, with links and CTAs. Also, the email list should be built from scratch with a results-oriented method like List Warrior. Check my site for info on that.

#8 I would analyze my performance and accordingly add to/modify my strategies regularly:

Self-explanatory. Basically, whatever you track, you will growWhat can you do to get longer sessions per visitor on your site? What can you do to get more shares on social? What can you do to make producing more content, for less time? The more you try new things, the more you learn and earn.

The above-listed strategies have helped me for more than a decade, and they’re the kind of stuff I dive really deep into as a marketing consultant for many diverse clients.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!


Cleo Azure

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