I am 16 years old. I want to make money from the computer. I know to type fast and can learn to program. How can I make money?

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“The earlier you start, the farther you would reach”. Well, at your age, when most of the teenagers spend hours texting, a thought like yours deserves commendation.  You can make money from a computer as a beginner. By the time you add up more skills and refine the process, it could be a great career option as well. Let’s explore more about that in the answer. In the end,  I would suggest an option that would combine writing and programming, and you may earn money by making it a career choice.

Forming a career plan as a teenager could be one of the best decisions in anyone’s life. A sense of responsibility and seriousness can pave the way for a brighter future.

Here are the points for the answer to your question.

I would keep it short. You may leave a reply if you need more information on any point.

1) You write fast. Do you mean keyboard typing or conventional writing? Anyways, I would suggest you get skilled at both.

If you type fast, you may look up for typing assignments. You may look for them online or can use some of your contacts to fetch you offline. You will be able to make money from that to start.

If you write fast, then you may help someone in making handwritten notes. Hardly different from a college or high school assignment, except you get paid for it.

Combining both of the above and applying a bit of research and creativity, you may opt to write blogs. Select your niche and get started. If you get it right, it may help you to earn a lot more. Here, “right” refers to techniques for blog writing. You can get a lot of information about that online.

2) You may learn to program and start writing code. Once you learn to write code that works well, it could be a turning point in your life. No doubt, you need to practice a lot but it is a good career option if it comes naturally to you. You may learn programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, etc. Do a bit of research on that before you start.

If you work on the above suggestions consistently, then you may earn money. It may sound easy but consistent effort, hard work, and dedication will surely count.

Now, as an online career guide, I would suggest a combination of the above points that could be a great career option for you, and then just get started, thereby making you earn money quite early and for a longer time. Create a money-making system that gets stronger over time.

Start writing blog posts as your fast writing/typing would help you a lot to figure out what kind of personal brand and topics you actually want. If you have an interest in programming, then that could be your niche. You can start writing blogs on websites or even have your blog. Most of blogging platforms have built-in monetization tools as well. 

Let’s see how you can earn money from blogs. After you write a blog, readers would come to read it. These readers are the visitors to a website. Technically, that’s called web traffic. The more web traffic you get, the more you can earn. You can get paid by having ads on your site and getting paid when visitors see them, you can sell products on your site, you can be an affiliate for other people’s products, or something else, it’s up to you. There is no doubt, regardless of what you pick to monetize, that your content should also be of good quality. Per my experience as a blogger, the quality improves over time, so don’t get too self-conscious about that.

If you’re worried about getting traffic, there is a method called One Minute Traffic Machines that is very helpful in getting traffic to a website. I apply this method to my blogs. Traffic is how your business grows, and everyone talks about paid traffic these days. Pay-per-click ads, banner ads, stuff like that. But you know what gets me excited? Being paid for getting traffic. You may read my blog post on that REVIEW: One Minute Traffic Machines.


Everyone likes to earn money. As a teenager, you’re at a huge advantage if you set a career goal and start working for it. If you follow your interests by enhancing your skillset, you will definitely earn more money than others your age, and older.

Good Luck!



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