I didn’t get traffic to my blog in the first month. Is it okay?

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Hi, there’s an age-old saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” It is 100% normal to not have much traffic in the first month of making your first website, blogs included. No one gets traffic overnight, and those who claim they do are ones who put in the work earlier, forming connections and traffic opportunities over the past months or years. It takes time to build a blog. By no traffic, do you mean zero traffic, like absolutely no visitors other than yourself in the month, or just not very much? If you can get 5 visitors per day, you can get 500 per day. The same principles just keep working and compounding. But it takes time.

Anyways, here are some tips for you based on my experience with blog building and promotion.

If your blog has content, and you post regularly, then it’s okay to have low traffic but zero traffic indicates that you need to prioritize traffic-building.

I firmly suggest that beyond literal tactics and techniques (which are significant, obviously), you consider promoting your blog as regular a thing to do as creating more content, if not more so. Offering value to other people and do things that give them a reason to check you out. Authenticity is essential. You can follow all the ways of getting traffic, but in case people see you as uninteresting, a spammer, or someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, you’re just not going to get much return traffic, which is crucial for building an initial base of visitors.

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to a new blog, yet I suggest whatever you pick is free or cheap and includes interacting with your target readers. Be a voice in the communities that are pertinent to your blog’s topic or purpose. Help individuals, communicate, and so on all in these spaces where your ideal readers are hanging out, and where new ones continue coming in.

In addition to the fact that this gets you a decent amount of credibility and attention over time, however, it likewise can help you in forming relationships with big names in those equivalent spaces, and afterward, these individuals can shout out your blog to their followers.

If you begin doing activities this way, you’re in the best situation to succeed, contrasted with simply focusing on promotion sites and tactics, to the detriment of real human engagement, which many people unfortunately do. If you are looking for a specific method, then I would recommend One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). Since we are discussing traffic, I would recommend you to work upon its quality from the beginning. Most people are unaware, or they ignore the quality of traffic when they implement ways to get traffic on their blog. It’s not just the quantity, but the quality of traffic that matters in the long run. Quality traffic is more likely to engage, and also more likely to share and recommend your content, so in a way, quality begets quantity.

To build a source of quality traffic to your blog, you can implement a method like OMTM or any of the many other methods that work. Just commit to whichever you pick. Do not dabble. Give something that worked for many other people a try for six months, and it’s virtually guaranteed to work. However, if you try six things, one new thing each month, you’ll have nothing but six months of time wasted. Don’t wait to commit by expecting early results. Commit first, then the results will come.

In the end, you should make consistent efforts to get web traffic and regularly post quality content on your blog and do that for at least six months to get real experience and perspective. Be patient, stay relaxed! It’s okay to have zero traffic for a while, but it shouldn’t continue for long. Just implement the above suggestions in the right manner, and you will see improvements in your web traffic.

Please feel free to reply to me in case you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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