I don’t have money for ads. What are the alternative ways to get traffic to my website?

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Ads are an effective way to bring traffic to a website, but it is not the only way. For instance, there are plenty of free social media strategies to get traffic. You can give one of those a try, although your results may vary.

After testing and trying multiple traffic methods for a long time, I have discovered that one should have a strong understanding of what kind of traffic is actually required by his/her website, and what kinds of methods to get that traffic are tolerable. Then, pick only the strategies that meet both criteria. In short, find something you like to do, and that your website benefits the most from, in terms of traffic. That way, you are at lower risk of burnout.

Rest assured! I am here to help you with that. Let’s dive into it deeper.

First, let’s explore five ways through which you can get traffic to your website without spending money on ads:

#1 Have engaging, high-quality content on your website. Make sure to use eye-catching headlines.

#2 Perform SEO measures for your website regularly. Use proper keywords after researching them. There are many free tools to do that. I am an SEO consultant too, so please feel free to share your website’s link for a free consultation.

#3 Write blogs on your website. It always helps. Further, you can build a network with other bloggers by inviting them to write for your blog and vice-versa. That can help you get backlinks, in short, more traffic.

#4 Have a strong presence on social media websites. By creating engaging posts with CTAs it is likely you will get traffic to your website, provide your posts are valuable to your target audience.

#5 Staying active in online forums and groups relating to the niche of your website can help you get more traffic. While taking part in a discussion, you can share the link to your website. Be cautious in doing that. Share your knowledge over there in a helpful way and do not spam.

There are always other options, though, so it helps to be able to evaluate any method for getting traffic and growing your business, as per what your business needs and what you need psychologically. Here’s what I mean:

Always consider the following three things while implementing a traffic strategy:

1. Cheap/Free: That’s pretty self-explanatory. Is this traffic method or tactic free, or nearly free?

2. Fast: Right after you do the work involved, does the traffic from this method come to the website?Q Or do you have to wait?

3. Consistent: Does the traffic from this method continue to trickle in, indefinitely? Or is it a one-off burst that stops when you stop?

Why am I talking about this? Simple: it is not possible to get all three things from a single traffic strategy. You will have to compromise at least one. Pick two, leave one.

I have discussed the above points and practical ways of getting traffic in my post: Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online Traffic. If you are interested, you can read that post on my website. For more strategies, tips, and methods to get online traffic, I would recommend checking the Knowledge Base section on my website. It has actionable answers to questions like this one.

To sum up, it’s fine to avoid spending money on ads, at least before your site is profitable. It takes time to build traffic, though, and no one can guarantee the exact time frame. What you do have full control of, however, is your time, patience, website content, and efforts in the right direction.

Good Luck!



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