I hate my job but don’t want to be unemployed. What can I do? I discussed with my colleague that I want to quit my job and now everyone thinks I’m quitting because I hate the boss. I’m screwed.

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That is something I hear frequently. Most of the employees either hate their bosses or jobs. You are not the only one. I had a job I hated. I was helping no one, not providing any value to the world, and my boss was happy to tell me that his business’s shortcomings were my fault. Then I got laid off despite being in the top tier of employees there.

Well, it’s not the bosses but the helplessness that makes us stick to a particular job despite being hating that. I would not ask you to quit the job. There lies a way out for almost every situation. What?

Hey, did you notice that in the picture? That used to be my expression almost every hour at the workplace. But that time taught me a lesson. Stay Cool! We shall not see bad times at work as a burden. It is an opportunity to motivate ourselves toward a new beginning.

Regarding that colleague incident, I would ask you to refrain from sharing such thoughts with coworkers in the future. Now, don’t worry about what’s already happened. You cannot control anyone’s thinking. Just concentrate on your work.

Let’s come back to the main point. If you have skills and confidence, then no one can stop you from getting a new job. If you don’t have that, then build it. It’s never too late to start. When a 93-year-old athlete can plan to have six-pack abs, I think you can develop an escape plan into a better, happier career path.

Now, if I knew your job profile, I could give specific suggestions. Consider me a free online career guide, too as I have experienced many ups and downs of professional life, but now, after settling down and doing great, I can guide people in just about every step of career building. Of course, you may leave me a reply for more information on that.

Since you know your field better, I will keep it simple suggest you:

1) Improve your skills.

2) Keep looking for other jobs.

3) Try to give your best in your present job.

4) Start looking up for part-time jobs.

5) Explore the opportunities around you. Definitely, you would land somewhere good.

With #5, what I mean is that you sometimes get the best job offers outside of traditional places, like career fairs and online websites. Sometimes you’ll network with the right employer just by going to an interesting event.

After going through the above points, a thought might enter your mind: “What if I don’t do anything to go back to the workforce? What if instead, I try to get something better? What if I try this making money online stuff I’ve heard about?

If that’s you, stick around.

If you’re still looking to quit your job (or never go back to the one you left) and make money the smart way, the one that doesn’t leave you feeling drained every day, I’ve got you covered.

As of now, I would suggest a quick read to my post I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?, that would definitely give you a breakthrough.

I am sure you would come out reading it with new ideas and hope.

Don’t hesitate to ask more about that in the reply.

Good Luck! Stay Positive!



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