I have 1 year of experience working the sales of educational products (online learning apps, hardware, etc.). I want to quit my job. What option do I have right now?

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  • I have 1 year of experience working the sales of educational products (online learning apps, hardware, etc.). I want to quit my job. What option do I have right now?
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Firstly, I appreciate that you work in sales. Sales will never come to an end. If it did, then there would be virtually no economy. 

Secondly, I will stay neutral regarding your company and whether it’s worth sticking around and continuing to work for them. You must know better than I could. That said, there are many available options to switch for you in the field of online learning.

I suggest you pursue your career in sales, with a modification to it. How? The next part of the answer will solve your doubts.

Since you are planning to quit, I would say keep Plan A, B, C ready. It is also known as the 3P Rule. I will discuss the 3 Ps in your situation.

Plan A: Introspect and Push

Although you must have given a lot of thought into this, I suggest you reconsider these five interconnected questions:

1) Why do you want to quit?

2) Is the reason for the previous question temporary or permanent? 

3) Can you do something to improve it?

4) What are the pros and cons of your present job?

5) What is the guarantee you will land up in a better position after you quit? (At some point in life we need to take risks too)

Answer them quickly and impulsively so you know it’s your honest feelings! Do not over think and drain yourself. 

As the final decision will be yours, discuss these points well with a reliable person. If you find that you can work upon your shortcomings, then give yourself a push back to the situation and continue to what you have been doing.

Plan B: Switch

Many parallel companies work in almost the same domain, identify them. Apply for a position that suits your profile. (You can leave me a reply if you need further suggestions and details such as basic company research before applying to any position, how to reach them, etc.).

After selection, you may quit the present company.

Plan C: Get Skilled, Then Quit

It is hard to work on a regular job as well as learn new skills. But, hard work, combined with smart work, always pays off in the long run. For example, you may learn affiliate marketing concepts. As an affiliate, you help a company to make a sale of its products through digital marketing techniques. You earn rewards and commissions. (You may check my profile for more details on that). It can be the best option for you. Since marketing and sales are closely related, you will not have to put in many efforts as well as you will be a part of the current trend in the market.

The above suggestions are a part of my lessons from experience. I have been into affiliate marketing for over the last ten years and a part-time career guide at online discussion forums. 

When I recall it, I was even in almost the same confusion when I had quit my job. Here follows the link to my post “I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?”  To shorten my answer, I have shared a link to the post. After reading this post you will be of a notion that a strong willingness to learn at any stage in life, never lets you down.


As the whole world is facing a threat from the Covid-19 pandemic and how the world’s economy has been going, jobs are getting scarce. It would be a wise decision to either continue with what you have right now or quit when you find a backup plan in such a way that works in the future. 

 Good Luck!!



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