I have a stressful job. If I quit, I am afraid that my colleagues would be burdened with my unfinished work. What could be done in such a situation?

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Let me be here for you; you are not alone. A quote by Wayne Dayre suits your situation “You can’t always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.” I will give you my best solution to your problem, based on experience.

The first solution is: to calm down yourself. How? After you reach back home from work, just forget about your work and do something completely detached from the job. The five tips to stay calm after work are:

1) Separate professional and personal life. After work hours, give yourself time. Spend time with family and friends. Then, you must promise to never allow work requests to intrude upon this time.

2) Listen to music. Ideally something upbeat or that you would never associate with work.

3) Relax your body. Go to a pool or hot tub, or maybe learn a very basic meditation style. Something with physical sensations, but without you moving or exerting yourself.

4) Go for a walk and feel the fresh air. A change of scenery mixed with light exercise has helped me a lot.

5) Don’t overthink. Thinking about your job and the problems with it is a bad gamble. On the very rare chance that you come up with a solution to your problems right then and there, you constantly think about them and make yourself miserable. Make a firm decision that out of work hours, you don’t think about the job or anything else that bothers you.

Similarly, I can suggest the five tips to relieve stress while you are at your job.

1) Stay focused on your work, avoid distractions. Know what distracts you and avoid that.

2) Avoid gossiping during work hours. Remember, great minds discuss ideas, weak minds discuss people.

3) Don’t accept extra work other than the assigned work. If the assigned work seems a burden, plan it out and prioritize tasks in order of more to least important, doing each in that order..

4) Prepare hypothetical solutions and fixes first, if you think a problem may occur, instead of hitting a wall when it does happen and you aren’t ready.

5) Try your best to have cordial relations with your colleagues.

Well, I can suggest a lot more, but this answer’s getting long. Of course, you may leave me a reply, if you want to know more about any point. To make you feel better, I would just let you know a little about me.

I had a job I hated. I was helping no one, not providing any value to the world, and my boss was happy to tell me that his business’s shortcomings were my fault. Then I got laid off despite being in the top tier of employees there. I went into a depression and then scraped my way out of it as a new person, taking charge of my life and making a living on my own terms.

If that relates you in any way, you may read more about that on my post I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It? You would also get to know from that post, what made me better.

I would suggest you keep looking for a new job as well and if you have a better option, then you may quit. Don’t think much about your colleagues as their job is theirs and your job is yours. People come and leave jobs, and it’s up to you to decide, for yourself and your needs, whether you want to stick around.

Analyze, if the stress is temporary or permanent. If it seems permanent then why trouble yourself? Leave your job in a professional way by completing the running tasks or handing over the final work in the presence of your superior. Give them proper notice, so any hiring managers can find someone new and your ex-coworkers will not be burdened. It’s the way that works. It might be scary to take on that change, but facing that kind of fear is how you enjoy your life.

Stay Positive! Good Luck!



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