I have posted 15 articles on my website. How can I get traffic?

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Hi! The first thing we’ve got to take into account is that organic traffic, which I assume you want, is like trawl fishing, and your site is a massive fishing boat company. Every piece of content is another boat with its own net. Can 15 boats do the job? Possibly, if they fish in really good places, but usually a site that small, content wise, is going to have to compensate with excellent networking and promotion.

This isn’t a glamorous or thrilling answer, but the key to your question is to pick a sensible strategy modeled after other successful websites like yours, make every possible effort to do it right (work smart, not hard) and then have patience while waiting for the results to gradually build. Keep that word in mind, build. It takes time to build traffic through organic or direct means.

Can you get lucky and have a post go viral? Absolutely, and I welcome you to aim for that. But viral is the opposite of loyal. People who visited you due to a viral trend will mostly all leave and forget about you tomorrow. If you want consistent traffic from a passionate fan-base recommending your site to others and sharing your site on social media, not to mention checking in over and over for new posts, that’s going to take time.

Let’s discuss this more. Along the way, I will share a few useful tips to get traffic on your website.

First off, don’t get me wrong. I’d like to congratulate you for making 15 articles. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Making 15 of anything, with no guarantees after the first one, means you have discipline and a vision for your website’s future. Nurture that vision, and you will eventually succeed.

That said, there are a lot of factors that will determine the speed of your success, like the frequency of posting the articles, the niche of your website, the time since your website is active, etc. Even a site you work really hard on to build tons of content immediately will still take a few months at least to rank in Google, as I have learned for my own website. By the way, feel free to link to your website in a comment so I can give some more specific suggestions.

Anyways, I have tried and tested multiple traffic methods for a long time, and so I will share a few actionable tips that apply to most situations.

I assume that your site is fairly new, which makes it likely that you aren’t very well studied on traffic methods yet. That’s totally fine. To begin let’s get into what kind of traffic tactic will work best for you and your site. I always factor in the following three things to consider while picking a traffic strategy: 

  1. Cheap/Free: That’s pretty self-explanatory. Is this traffic method or tactic totally free or costs next to nothing?. 
  2. Fast:  The traffic from this method comes to a website quickly.
  3. Consistent: The traffic from this method continues to grow for a long time, usually indefinitely.

These aren’t types of traffic in the literal sense, but they are qualities you want to consider when picking a method for getting visitors. Depending upon the above three things, one should pick a traffic strategy and then implement it to his/her website. Why am I talking about this? Simple: it is not possible to get all three things from a single traffic strategy. You will have to compromise at least one. Like, if you want cheap and consistent traffic, then it won’t be very fast. If you have a cheap and fast traffic strategy, then it won’t give consistent traffic. Think of it like that old saying about paying someone to get a job done: fast, cheap, or good. Pick two, leave one.

In general, there are three practical ways of getting traffic based on these combinations:

1) Networking: a combination of cheap and fast traffic, but not consistent, so you’ll have to front-load a lot of it to make a splash, or get used to doing it fairly regularly to compensate for the dropoffs.

2) Link Building: With this, you can have cheap and consistent traffic, but not fast, so you better get on it and be willing to wait while it grows.

3) Paid Advertising: It gives fast and consistent traffic, but not cheap, so you must be confident and comfortable with spending money to make money.

I am hoping the discussion until this point has given you enough hints on what makes the most sense for you right now. Seeing the length of the answer already, I should wrap it up here.

By the way, I have discussed the above points in more detail in my post: Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online TrafficIf you are interested, you can read that post.

In conclusion, by picking the right traffic strategy after understanding the actual traffic requirement of your website, and what you personally and financially are most comfortable with doing, you can easily generate traffic to it.

Please feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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