I need a job in Telangana. After losing my job in lockdown, I am desperately searching for it. I need an online job. What should I do?

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This pandemic has shaken the lives of people across the globe. You are not the only one. That said, only you  can feel the pain of your job loss, no one else. Anyways, life moves on, even in the hardest times. As an online career guide, I will help you.

To be clear, I am not familiar with the place you want to work at, and your field of the last job. For that, you may give more details after reading the answer.

At this moment, the best I could give you is general suggestions for online jobs and the ways that might help you to get an online job early. For that, I would imagine that you are clear about what an online job is. The online jobs have other names also, such as work from home, make money online, etc.

Out of a large number of online jobs in various fields, here are three online job options that anyone with basic knowledge of computers could start, prerequisites being a computer, an internet connection, willingness to learn, consistent efforts, and a strong desire to achieve something.

1) Online Work Spaces

As the name suggests, you may start working at an online office. For that, you need to create an account on websites that help you in getting online work such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and many more. After making an account on such a website, you can create your profile, display your skills, and search for jobs relating to your field of interest or where you are comfortable. For example, you can do online data entry.

There is no joining fee here. People earn a handsome amount of money from these sites, once they make an impressive profile and start getting work. Communication skills, preferably a strong hold over the English language, would be a plus. Also, more specialized equals more money. A person who can do data entry specifically for restaurants, or specifically for real estate agents, can charge more money than a person who does data entry for any business.

2) Affiliate Marketing

This is a part of digital marketing, which is marketing done with the help of digital tools. In affiliate marketing, you sell the products of other people or businesses online (or at least draw traffic), and in return, you earn money.

3) Make Your Website If you know about that already, then good, otherwise you can get a website for free through Wix and many other similar utilities online. After you get that, you may monetize your website by writing blogs, selling products, having an online retail store, doing eCommerce activities, etc.

Before you start working on that, I would recommend you search for more on them. As a cautionary, I would say please don’t waste money by being a victim to spam or any unethical earning method online. The online world is also as cruel as the real world. Some people are always in a wait to pick the pockets of the innocent ones. I’ve been scammed several times, and while it was a learning experience, I wish it on absolutely no one.

As an alternative to the above, or you may seek to get more online job options, I would recommend the following three points:

1) Get Skilled

You might have heard the phrase “skills pay the bills” and it’s true, but some are better than others. We call these high-income skills. You can learn them in almost no time if you expend some effort.

2) Be Smart

It might be strange to read, but gone are the days of hard work, now smart work matters. By that, I mean to search for how you can get maximum benefit with minimum efforts.

3) Stay Strong

That means, don’t fear failure. Don’t make excuses not to try. Keep your efforts in the right direction, have faith in yourself, and continue to give your best. Sooner or later, you will achieve your goal. Most people give up on something right before it was about to get easier.

To keep this answer short, I had to be precise about the above points. I have discussed them in detail in my post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?”

In the end, I would say that situations may be tough today but it might be a test of your strength.

Please feel free to let me know through a reply if there is any way I could help you.

Stay Safe! Stay Positive! Stay Strong!

Good Luck!



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