I want to earn money by selling online courses. How do I create an online course?

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Online courses are in huge demand nowadays as they offer numerous advantages over the traditional methods of learning. With the developing interest in online courses, there has been an expansion in the accessibility of choices for the course takers. To stand out and beat the competition, there are a couple of things you’ll have to deal with. Let’s discuss more.

Assuming that you have selected the type of course you want to make (topic, content, purpose, etc.), to create an online course, here are nine things I suggest doing:

#1 Create compelling outcomes. You can use this to lead your marketing. Define a niche and market to it with your defined course outcomes. A course about programming doesn’t sound interesting to me, but a program that promises to teach me how to design my own video game in three months is concrete and offers an outcome that excites me. Do the same for your audience. Why would someone want to learn this thing you’re teaching, what’s the ideal outcome?

#2 Gather the course content from the best possible places. You can also hire a subject expert if you want more in-depth backing to your ideas and lessons. I assume you can handle this part well enough since you’re the instructor.

#3 Prepare course modules and arrange them in order. Make sure there’s a natural flow to what you’re teaching, and that nothing feels out of place.

#4 Highlight the effective points from each module. Summarize the key takeaways at the end of each lesson. Use acronyms, metaphors, mnemonic devices, etc. to help people remember key information.

#5 Add video content. Online courses in text form have a lot more trouble competing in the market. You can do something as basic as record your voice while going over a PowerPoint. But you need video because it’s accessible and engaging.

#6 Review the course and make the necessary edits. It really baffles me how many professional online course sellers don’t edit their work. I’ve seen videos lesson on that were an hour long and included three to five takes of the guy saying each sentence. Somehow he let that through as-is, without trimming it down to the best takes. Don’t be like that guy.

#7 Set the pricing by doing competitive analysis. Do not price yourself too low, because with education, people associate higher prices with better, more comprehensive learning.

#8 You can create a website to sell the course or invite people to practice the course on your websiite. Having a website is easy and free, and gives you more control over your marketing and platform. Then, you can promote your website and product on social media sites, paid advertisements, etc. You can also implement ways to get traffic to your website. This traffic, if targeted properly, includes the ideal buyers of your course.

#9 Collect feedback, both positive and negative. Adopt the suggestions and keep getting better, as there is always a scope for improvement. It also gives you a fair reason to launch updated versions of courses, letting you do a marketing promotion campaign all over again.

As for where to sell it, there are a lot of choices. You can sell on a platform like Udemy or Skillshare, or rely on your own website. Most people sell in multiple places but in different contexts. For instance, I know some marketers who make a course, offer it on Udemy all the time at a higher price, and then offer a discounted version to people who visit their website and subscribe to their email list.

By following the above suggestions, you can create and sell an online course and get your first wave of students. If you have yet to select a topic, I would suggest that you pick one in which you are comfortable, but also have experience and authority and that people seem to want to learn about.

In a situation where many other people are entering the online course market to make a profit, it is necessary to use a specific, deliberate method for the development of an online course. You need to come in with a game plan and a philosophy for how you will succeed. One such method is the Perfect Product Creation (PPC). With PPC, you can build and launch an online course that practically sells itself.

Please feel free to reply to me in case you need more information on any of the steps discussed above.

Good Luck!



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