I want to take a break from my career. But there is already a scarcity of jobs due to COVID-19. If I quit a job without having a job in hand, will I get a new job?

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There’s an undeniable shortage of jobs due to COVID-19, leaving aside a few sectors such as health, essential supplies, etc. where jobs have increased. No one can estimate exactly how long the outbreak and its economic impact will continue. Well, one thing has happened from this, that now the traditional culture of nine to five jobs has reduced, and a new way has come, that is working from home. Yes, the remaining part of the answer will revolve around that.

Ideally, your job would be relaxed and satisfying enough that you never feel the need for a break. It seems that your present job may not be ideal and that pursuing other opportunities may be a good idea. Please excuse me if my assumption is wrong. It’s also possible that you want a break for reasons outside the job itself.

Now let’s talk about the second part of your question. If you have skills and believe in yourself, you will get another job, sooner or later. Most people approach job hunting in a  very slapdash way, so those who take it seriously go straight to the top and have an advantage. It is important to remain strong until you get a new job, as in such situations, people usually crack and give up right before they were about to find something new. So, don’t quit your job at once, first keep a backup ready and be prepared to go without a job for a few months at max. I am telling with my own experience, sitting around without a job can be just as stressful as a rough job. In a nutshell, first, prepare yourself for a new job, keep options ready, and then quit your present job only when you have an abundance of safety nets.

Let’s talk about alternate job options. As we have talked about work from home jobs in this answer, online work and passive income are a big part of that. Nowadays there are many options to earn money online, which is a good alternative for a regular job. You can start anytime, building it up on the side as you work a standard job.

With time and consistency, you can even earn more money than your regular job via effortless passive income streams. But there is also a lot of fraud in this field, a lot of shysters. If you want, I can let you know how I started earning online after quitting my regular job. To my relief, I am earning a handsome amount, a lot more than my regular job, and my actual time spent working for that money would shock a 9-5 full-time employee. I expect to attain financial freedom soon if everything goes as planned. I would have gotten to full financial freedom sooner, but I am a bit picky. For instance, I want a really nice apartment in a certain area of town, and I want certain expensive technology products. If I didn’t have such a greedy insistence on those, I would be able to live in a virtually no-work state all the time. 😉

So, while carrying this answer towards the end, I would like to say that before leaving the job you should pay attention to the 3Ss. Those 3Ss are: become Skilled, do Smart work, and Stay Strong. After receiving a lot of queries similar to yours, I have made a post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It? That post covers those 3Ss in detail and has proved helpful to anyone who is planning to quit a job or has already quit.

On my website, you can also find the details of what made me earn money online. That’s a particular book that helped a lot, “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss.

In the end, I would recommend you foresee the consequences of quitting your present job, keep the next plan ready by doing enough research on it, and finally do as you have planned.

Good Luck!



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