I’m an extraordinary writer, traditionally published, I know a great deal yet I need to get more money. What’s the most ideal approach to make a million through writing?

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I will start answering your question by citing the success story of a famous American writer Amanda Hocking. Surprisingly, she earned millions by publishing online. So, I would first suggest you make the best possible use of internet technology and publish your literary work online as well. For doing this you need not be tech-savvy. Getting a website or posting content online through any other platform has become a cakewalk these days.

Regarding your stuff, I believe it must be good quality, of course. For the earning part, you need to identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in your content. Once that is done, you will be unstoppable.

To make a million through writing you will have to realize the power of web technology and make the best possible use of it. A strong online presence with your writing can prove to be the best way to make your wish come true.

How do you make a strong online presence? The answer is simple. Display your work to people, get more and more people to see it. You can start with your blog. This page might help. Some of these sites have monetization built-in for writers who do well. Getting more and more visitors to your website, where you sell your books and related products or services, can be your best way to make a million. Your sincere efforts, time, and quality content will be the investment. A pleasant, popular website with plenty of stuff for people to buy, that they actually want, if like a personal money-making machine. Unlike the highway traffic which causes a delay in reaching your destination, we want as much web traffic as possible, because it’s a game-changer.

Personally, one specific traffic-drawing method worked the best for me. If you are interested then my review article One Minute Traffic Machines Review can be of great help. Hopefully, you make lots of money. I hope that whatever you go with works for you.

Good Luck!!


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