Is 4-Hour Work Week suitable for my dad who runs a company?

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Does your dad find himself burdened by his responsibilities running his company? If so, I’d highly recommend it. The 4-Hour Work Week (4HWW) is the best book for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset and who wants to get more benefits out of less time spent working. Mostly, aspiring entrepreneurs refer to it, but I am one of the biggest fans of that book and have gotten real results from it. To help you decide, let’s discuss more on 4HWW.

Even thirteen years since its publishing, that book is still valuable. The way it beautifully teaches anyone to escape the nine to five work culture is more relevant than ever. 4HWW is one of the oldest and biggest books on making more money by spending less time, but it does not teach any get-rich-quick scheme or something like that. Instead of teaching how to make money alone, it teaches the principles through which one can make more money, more efficiently. Really, the concept is so universally needed that I can’t see any ordinary person who wouldn’t benefit from what it has to say. With a lot of inspirational stories to help illustrate key points, it can help anyone earn more in whatever way they want, whether that’s through entrepreneur pursuits or just improving their work situation as an employee. 4HWW also suggests how one can live a better life with the same income.

The book is one-third inspirational, one-third general wisdom of the current age, and one-third technical instructions. Those first two-thirds are going to be valuable to almost anyone, and the last third will be useful to most beginners in lifestyle design. Along the way, the book covers four critical aspects of working far less for more money, through an acronym called DEAL. The book proceeds in that order, D-E-A-L, with several chapters for each. I started my entrepreneurial journey with this book. Undoubtedly, it’s been a life-changer for many people, myself included.

To be honest, the book gets a bit technical too in the middle and has some web links which are dead now. If your dad is not tech-savvy, some of it might be irrelevant to him, or too complicated and in-the-weeds. But, you can help him with that. It’s not difficult, rather, implementing the technical actions of what these books teach is the most interesting part.

I have a lot to praise for 4HWW. Discussing all that here will make this answer lengthy. If you are interested, you can visit this link to read my review of it.

In conclusion, I would recommend 4HWW to your dad. Hopefully, it would be of great help to him. Moreover, it will be beneficial for you if you are yet to start your career or have just started.

Please feel free to reply to me for a specific discussion relating to your dad’s business situation. I would be pleased to discuss this with you as I also recently gifted this book to one of my older relatives.

Good Luck!



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