Is bad publicity, a good promotion strategy?

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Here follows the answer to your question that involves a small activity. Before that:

1) Relax and take a break from all prior thoughts regarding advertising for a while. I know it can be a stressful topic.

2) Consider what angle you’re asking the question from.  Either as an advertiser or the viewer(potential customer at some later point).

Seems interesting? Now observe the following image to get to the next part of the answer.

The above image features a tap with running water and a tube of face cleaning gel. Let’s pretend this image is an ad, and then find the answer to your question.

This advertisement can be bad for someone but good for someone else. For example, Mr. X might start laughing at it and say what’s the point in showing a face gel without someone applying it on their face. Mr. Y might praise it for being different. Mr. Z.might straightaway purchase it without really analyzing the ad.

One of the trending advertising methods today is encouraging memes of a product on social media platforms. (I’m sure you’ve seen examples). It’s getting popular where people make fun of advertising but not of the project. At the same time, it catches more eyes and ears.

Advertising refers to reaching out and spreading a message. As long as the intent is getting served,  and there is no harm, the ad is working properly. People keep on adopting new methods and are quite successful. The decision to carry out an ad with either good or bad publicity (if intended in a fun way) requires an in-depth analysis of factors such as customer behavior, target audience, etc. You have to know your customers in order to guess what they’ll find ironic or charmingly bad, as opposed to just offensive.

There is a simple rule that applies to an advertiser “The more innovative you get, the better you will reach.” Not necessarily because more innovative equals better, but because experimenting is how you eventually find that winning ad concept.

On a related note, I recently got a chance to attend a webinar on the ill effects of advertisements. There were many speakers in it. Some were of the agreeable notion that most advertisements are deceptive, scummy, and harmful to the society in one way or the other.

What could be the alternative to that? Here’s a link to my post “Welcome to a World Without Advertising” that may make you imagine a world with literally no advertising, but also describes the fundamental purpose of good advertising. It is high time to modify the conventional methods of advertising. That post covers it well.

Don’t forget to leave a reply if you have any questions I hope this helped!



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