Is cold calling/telemarketing still effective?

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I have done cold calling for a long time and was quite successful. I owe a lot of my best insights on marketing to my cold calling days. Putting that aside, yes, cold calling is still alive and effective in 2020. Let’s discuss more.

I won’t deny that in some fields, cold calling has been replaced by new digital strategies. Recently I was going through some surveys and discovered that cold calling still has a conversion rate of 6.3% in a situation when traditional methods are fading out. Well, that’s a pretty good conversion rate. It’s important not to neglect cold calling entirely just because there are new marketing options. It’s still the most personal, one-one-one way to sell to somebody, right behind in-person contact though something like door-to-door sales.

An advantage of cold calling that makes me recommend it for new businesses is the overall expense related to it. Compared to door-to-door selling, the former is cheaper and lets you reach more people in the same stretch of time. Both have more of a boost than usual right now, since so many people are staying at home more often.

Cold calling does take some skill, and you have to manage being personable and staying composed while under pressure. But by implementing cold calling, with the right methods and tips, you can turn leads into clients easily. So, here are a few quick tips for you. I will be brief with them and leave the research part to you:

1) Research well before calling someone. Be that on your product/service, market, customers, etc. If you have a detailed lead on someone, read it. Any potential information to pull them closer to saying yes is important. For instance, it helps to identify the people the caller must consult before making a financial decision, such as a spouse.

2) Prepare an outline. If possible, create a script, but do not follow it to the detriment of a natural conversation.

3) Select the proper timing for the call after collecting the available information on the leads you have. For example, it isn’t wise to call a working professional during office hours.

4) Work to improve your communication skills.

5) Be prepared to handle the five common objections that customers usually have to buy anything. I have discussed those objections and their solutions in my article: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them)

In conclusion, cold calling has not yet been faded out. It is still effective and likely to remain so in the coming years. The great thing with marketing is that once something isn’t as hot as it used to be, the competition is way down, so you can get a lot of good leads with cold calling at minimal expense and in a short period of time.

If pushed, I would sooner recommend a business model that sets up phone calls with potential qualified customers online, so you’re “warm calling” people who expressed interest in something you already offered them that they said yes to. But in the absence of that, yes, cold calling works.

Please feel free to reply to me if you need clarification.

Good Luck!



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